Slydes provide the perfect solution to your Summer footwear needs.

We have the same dilemma every year. What to wear on our feet in the Summer months?

Sure we have trainers and pumps but what about when the weather is really decent and the shorts come out? And what is going to make us look good by the pool or when we go on holiday? We’re tired of cheap, high-street footwear and so we have made the effort to go out there and find something new.

Gents, allow us to introduce you to Slydes.

Slydes fit the bill because they look great and are completely practical during the day, but their design and comfort mean they won’t look place in a lounge bar or if you’re heading out on the town either. 

They are lightweight making them perfect to stick in your bag (or your site case) and the subtle designs give them an element of smartness that you just don’t get from your high street flip flop.  If you want something to loaf in, check these out…

Slydes come in a whole range of styles and for only £20 a pair, you can afford to buy several. Treat yourself at