The Bluebeard's Revenge hair product range blows other products out the water

We’ve literally lost count of the number of hair products we’ve tried over the years. From those classic tubs of wet jelly off of the 80’s to the matt pastes of today, we’ve been there and used the lot of them.

That said, we’re always open to new things and The Bluebeard’s Revenge range caught our eye for its unique name if nothing else.  Could these little tubs provide something new?

Actually, yes.  We tried a few of the products on offer including the Matt Clay and Matt Paste.  At £9.99, these aren’t the cheapest products on the market but they certainly hold well. There’s no annoying bits of residue left behind, and they won’t let your hands feeling sticky and dry afterwards.  The products we tried had a great hold and did the business.

Our favourite was the Pomade, a golden jelly like substance with a nice scented ointment and a great hold.  Whether your sport an immaculately coiffured barnet or want to look like you’ve just got out of bed without looking like you’ve actually just got out of bed, this one is our top recommendation.  It’s £9.99 like the rest of the products available and available in highstreet stores like Boots or online via

The guys behind the products say these are real men's products made by real men - not ladies in lab coats in Paris, so whilst that may conjure up an image of lads experimenting with products in a shed drinking beer, they've certainly come up with the goods. 


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