The Version's 12 Must-buy Gifts of Christmas: Mr Jones Watches

Mr Jones Watches is the cult watch brand from London. They believe that a watch should do more than just tell the time - it should make you think, start a conversation or simply make you smile. 

The unique designs offer something for everybody, and something original too, which is why we think they make the IDEAL Christmas gift.


The new Colour Venn watch uses cyan, magenta and yellow films to mark the time. As the minute, second and hour discs overlap, new colours emerge on the watch face creating a constantly shifting palette over the day. Targeted at creatives individuals from all walks of life I think this minimal, unique timepiece would really appeal to your design savvy audience.

Colour Venn was designed with Mark Champkins, Inventor in Residence at the Science Museum in London. His role within the Science Museum is to create products and inventions that spark an interest in Science, Design and Engineering by incorporating intriguing scientific phenomena or ideas.

With Colour Venn, Mark wanted to explore the subtractive colour model which is the basis of printed colour, "Cyan, Magenta and Yellow are the key to recreating ANY colour on the printed page. Every shade and hue of colour in newspapers, magazines and printed material will be only ever be made up of a combination of CMYK - cyan, magenta, yellow and “key” (which is black) ink. This is known as the “Subtractive Colour Model” as the four colours of ink “subtract” from the brightness of the white surface beneath.”

Colour Venn uses an automatic, mechanical movement which is visible through a tiny window on the back of the watch. The watch was released on 13 October, priced at £145 (approximately US$185 / €160), the watch is available directly from Mr Jones Watches.

Check out some of the other Mr Jones designs available;

Our Verdict

We honestly can't think of another watch brand that offers something this good for such a diverse audience.  There literally is something for everyone here, and the quality and finish of these watches makes them exceptional value for money and a real investment. 

All of the watches are available to buy via but as with all of the 12 Gifts of Christmas, we're giving you the chance to win not one, but two fantastic watches.

For the chance to win, simply complete the form below no later than 4pm on Friday 16 December.  One entry per person, over 18's and UK residents only.

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