The Version's Summer Must-Haves: KKMC Micro Wallets.

One of the downsides to summer fashion is having to carry your stuff.  The recent hot weather reminded us of just how irritating it is carrying around bulky wallets in your shorts and trousers.  It’s impractical, frustrating and it looks awful.

 KKMC Micro Wallet

KKMC Micro Wallet

Step forward the Micro Wallet from KKMC design.  It’s minimal, modern and it looks fantastic.   This strong and sturdy little fella measures a slim 4.5mm in thickness whislt maintaining all the practicality you need.  It has a scratch-resistant body made of PVD plating, the same material you’d find used on a top notch watch.  There’s also a faux-suade lining that would normally be used in luxury cars.  Niiiiiiiiiice.

Coming in three stunning finishes: champagne rose gold, silver and gunmetal grey, the Micro is, in our book, one of the season’s must-have accessories.

It doesn’t end there though, because hot on the heels of the Micro is the Micro Belgravia, currently generating a lot of interest – and funds – via Kickstarter.  Beautifully packaged, the Belgravia takes things to the next level.  A large slot in the Belgravia provides room for coins, keys and other small items which can be held securely under your cards.  The Belgravia is much like the classic, but offers enhanced styling making this a real thing of beauty.   It comes in gold, gun metal, silver or midnight black and technically, its inbuilt RFID blocking foil means the chances of card details being stolen and contactless theft taking place is reduced.

Get yourself to the Kickstarter page right here to order yours