Why we could eat Wheyhey Protein Ice Cream until the cow's come home.

There's nothing better in this world than something that's normally bad for you being reinvented as something that does you good.  One fine example of this, is Whey Hey - the ice cream that is good for you.

No, really.

Wheyhey is the world's first and best selling protein ice cream. The company was founded by best pals Damien Kennedy and Greg Duggan back in 2012. Having met at Brunel Uni the guys quickly discovered a common interest in good nutrition, great food and even better bench pressing techniques. After respective stins as a GB basketball coach and fitness model, the duo dreamt up the idea of a great tasting ice cream that does you good. 

I know what you're thinking.  How is it good for me?!  Well, protein is an essential part of anyone's diet. If you're not getting enough of it, you're doing yourself no favours. Protein helps with everything from anti ageing to muscle repair and weight loss.  After water, this is the single most essential thing you need. 

Protein is a by-product of the cheese making process and it’s 100% natural and easily and rapidly digested.  Therefore the idea of having it in an ice cream form makes sense, right?

Our Verdict: We tried all of the varieties; chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and Banoffee and all tasted really good.  We won't lie, there's something slightly different to the texture of this ice cream to "normal ice-cream", it's kinda stickier, perhaps a little gloopy but not in any bad way.  All the flavours were enjoyable and we'd definitely recommend Whey Hey to anyone who wants to give their body a boost.  

If something healthy can taste this good, you can't go wrong. Try it! 

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