Why WOLF Watch Winders are the leader of the pack

We're writing to say sorry. We've given you a problem. A nice problem mind you but a problem nonetheless. By reviewing so many irresistible watches over the past year we've no doubt tempted you into buying more timepieces than you have time for. So what's the problem?


Most mechanical watches (both manual and automatic) only have a reserve of 1-2 days before they stop running.  To keep them going they need to be worn on a daily basis (or you have to remember to manually wind them up).  Having a fine collection of watches means you'll struggle to wear each watch regularly enough, and unless you're particularly OCD about manually winding on a daily basis, you'll soon find you're setting the time more than wearing it. Proper ball-ache!


But don't think we're going to leave you howling to the moon. We've hunted down the solution - WOLF Watch Winders. 


What is a watch winder? We were as baffled as you when we first came across the concept. But like all good solutions, it's a simple idea (the difficulty's in the delivery - WOLF do the hard bit with their meticulous engineering). Consider it an extra hand, ready and waiting to wear your watch and keep it ticking. Simply strap your watch around the specially designed cuff, insert into the rotator drum, and the WOLF watch winder will rotate it 1800 times per day, with a patented rotation program.  Best of all - the WOLF watch winder has a glass cover so that you can display your fine timewares when they're not being worn.

Problem solved! Now go buy some more watches...


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