Why Summer is the perfect time to invest in a Woolme Blanket.

Wool blankets and throws in the middle of summer – are we going mad with all the heat???  You’d be forgiven for thinking that, especially when most of us associate wool with warm winter jumpers that have been knitted by a slightly eccentric aunt who's fashion sense is still firmly set in the 1970s.  

After all wool is an excellent natural fibre with insulation and cosiness properties that outperform man’s best attempts to reproduce it.  So it may seem counter-intuitive to suggest switching to a woollen blanket in the middle of summer, but that insulation property can keep you cool as well as hot, and the breathability of wool means that you remain comfortable and snug under the fabric.

In fact, in many ways summer may be the perfect time to invest because the multi-purpose nature of woollen products really comes into its own:

- A woollen blanket or throw is great for sleeping under on these warm nights because the natural fibres help regulate your temperature and let your skin breathe.  You can put the duvet away until the autumn!


- Wool is a durable fabric that can withstand the trips to summer music festivals and impromptu picnics in the great outdoors.


- Bring a wool throw out in the beer garden as the evening temperature is starting to cool and be amazed as people huddle around you.


Where to look?

It may sound obvious but to get these benefits you need a blanket or throw that is 100% wool.  Too many products use the wool name but are actually a blend of wool with other fibres, and therefore you don't get the same benefits.  


Woolme is a wool speciliast company, working closely with a long established weaving mill to produce luxury blankets and throws.  They use the finest wools: Merino, Alpaca, Mohair and Cashmere; and deliver some of the best designs in Europe.  What's so refreshing is their knowledge and passion for the products, from understanding the different weaving techniques to the natural properties of the different types of wool.  For instance, did you know that it can take up to four years for one goat to produce enough cashmere wool for one sweater? Neither did we but we like the fact that WoolMe do.  It is this attention to detail that is evident in the quality of the final products, which are sumptuous and soft and all the better because they're incredibly good value.

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