Interview: Jordan Davies on the return of itv2's Ibiza Weekender

Ibiza Weekender brand is set to return for a seventh scorching season on ITV2.

Ibiza Weekender yet again proved to be essential viewing as it grew its loyal fan base among the younger viewers throughout this year’s run. With the destination hotspot of Ibiza ever popular, an extended 10 x 60’ run on the White Isle will follow some familiar rep faces along with a few new ones eager to learn the ropes on Europe’s biggest party island.

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Veteran cast member Jordan comes back for another season in the sun, promising to party hard.

You’re back! How was it this time?

This time round it was completely different for me, because most people know me as Jordan, the boy who gets with loads and loads and loads and loads of girls. But this time round I had a romance with one of the reps which I’ve never had before. I’m not going to tell you which rep it is but it’s something I didn’t expect. It was bad for me, we had ups and downs.

Guests that come, some of them you won’t expect. It’s a lot more drama this time round.

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What were your first impressions of everyone?

As soon as I saw Chyna I thought wow, she’s unbelievably good looking. But is she going to be good at this job? Marlie’s a northern girl – they’re bubbly, they’re loud, they’re confident, I thought Marlie’s good at this, she’s going to be up for getting with a load of boys. Molly… a bricklayer. When has a bricklayer even gone and worked in Ibiza? Every girl was completely different.

What’s different this series?

This time round having all new girls made it have a completely different element.The guests are a lot better looking. There’s some very good looking lads on here. Not that that’s my cup of tea but for the girls watching – they’ll love it! The nights out were ten times worse and the drinking games were alot more naughty.

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What qualities do you bring to weekender?

I am weekender! It wouldn’t be Ibiza Weekender without Jordan! I’m the biggest party boy, I’ve got the best chat up lines, I’m the best when it comes with getting with girls.

What’s going to shock us this series?

A lot of the reps did get sacked which doesn’t usually happen. You’ll be shocked at the three that do go. If you break the rules you are going to get sacked.

What was the highlight for you?

I did take a girl on a date one night and completely smashed it. There’s actually a romantic side to me too. I have got emotions, I’ve got feelings.


Ibiza Weekender, itv2, Sundays at 9pm. Catch up on itv hub.