Nothing But TV: Your TV favourites choose their favourite Christmas movies...

With Christmas just days away, we’ve been talking to a host of famous names to find out their favourite Christmas films airing on TV this year.

Check out their choices, below:

Keith Lemon


Keith Lemon: “Gremlins! Hence The Keith & Paddy Christmas special on Christmas Eve! When I was a kid all I wanted was a Mogwai!”.

Gremlins airs Christmas Eve at 9.30pm on itv straight after Keith & Paddy’s Gremlins special.

Luke Kempner

luke kempner.jpg

Luke Kempner: “The Holiday!!!!! Because I will never stop striving to be just like Jude Law.

I even saw the cottage that it’s based on up for sale the other day. I then dreamt about it. I love the holiday”.

The Holiday airs Friday 21 December, 10.45pm on itv

Ronan Keating

ronan magic.jpg

Ronan Keating:Scrooged (Bill Murray). Reminds me of Christmas as a kid with my family. Good memories and a brilliant film!”.

Scrooged is available on demand via Sky Cinema Christmas / NOW TV



Rylan: “My favourite is Love Actually. Was an extra in it and it’s my favourite Christmas film!”.

Love Actually airs this Tuesday 18 December at 9pm on itv2 and is available to stream on demand via Netflix.

Katie Jarvis


Katie Jarvis (Hayley in EastEnders): “Aside from the home alone movies I would have to say Jack Frost. I don't really have a particular reason as to why I just love watching it every single year and it never seems to get old on me and always gets me crying still.

(A bit like my yearly routine in watching hocus pocus around Halloween).

I just remember watching jack frost for the first time as a little girl and and falling in love with the story and magic in the movie, giving me the hope young that any thing is possible if you just believe and its some thing I have held onto since”.

Catch Jack Frost on Amazon Prime Video.

Philip Schofield


Phillip Schofield: “The Polar Express because it’s a family tradition that we watch it every Christmas Eve!”.

The Polar Express is available on demand via Sky Cinema Christmas / NOW TV.

Jack Fox

jack fox.jpg

Jack Fox: “Surely there can only be one answer. Home Alone 2 right?”

Home Alone 2: Lost in New York airs 5.40pm on Channel 4 this Christmas Day.

Nick Knowles


Nick Knowles: “The best Christmas film is definitely Elf! It makes me laugh every time!”

Elf is available on demand via Amazon Prime Video.

Nick Hendrix


Nick Hendrix: Love Actually. Richard Curtis is a genius.

Funny/silly/heartwarming/sad/real all in one. And Rowan Atkinson wrapping a present is simply iconic”

Love Actually airs this Tuesday 18 December at 9pm on itv2 and is available to stream on demand via Netflix.

Melvin Odoom


Melvin Odoom: “Elf all day long!!!!! It’s actually the film that got me into Will Ferrell and no matter how many times I watch it still makes me laugh!!” Catch Elf on demand via Amazon Prime.

Gaby Roslin

Gaby  roslin.jpg

Gaby Roslin: “It’s Elf every time. It’s magical. And then closely followed by the first Nativity. It’s so charming and it’s another film the whole family can watch together and smile and laugh. Happy Christmas, everyone! Navity! airs Thursday 20 December, 5:50pm - 7:30pm on BBC Two.