Rize festival comes out of V's ashes - but goes down like a lead balloon with fans.

V Festival's replacement Rize announced its lineup tonight, but the news didn't go down with fans who are already missing the iconic two-venue event.

rize festival.jpg

Die-hard music fans are still seething that V Festival has been ditched, and didn't hold back when Rize confirmed its lineup tonight, taking the, erm, RiZE out of it.  Here are just some of the tweets that followed;


Spencer‏ @spencerhedges18 

. @vfestival you lot are dickheads, YOU put on a shit show last year and because YOU fucked up you take away Weston Park and change the name. What did you expect putting on a shit lineup then expecting us to pay for it??? @RiZEFestival suck your mom


Nev‏ @bneville 

what the f***** f*** has happened to V Festival... this RiZE Festival has taken over and the line up is f***** awful maaaaaate


Lewis Everson‏ @lewis_everson 

@RiZEFestival trying to fit into the hole @vfestival left.. not even sure who they think their target demographic is


Calvey D‏ @calvin_dennis95 

Is this rize festival a joke? Whys it only in Chelmsford?? Where's the one I can go to (I hope they're announcing it soon and it's gonna have a good lineup unlike Chelmsford lol)


Many fans seem to be confused who the event is trying to target, with a mis-judged lineup which appears to be trying to appeal to a broad audience.  On the one hand Bastille, Rita Ora and Craig David are decent bookings but organisers have booked obscure acts including Manic Street Preachers, Nina Nesbitt and The Manor to play alongside them. 

The news has also upset those who used to attend V Festival in Stafford as organisers are only putting Rize on in Chelmsford.