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On tonight's Love Island, Jack and Dani are back on track after Dani’s jealousy during the game of Truth or Dare prompted her to re-evaluate her feelings for him. And as Dani finally begins to trust her gut and give Jack a chance, the pair share their first kiss…

Discussing her change of heart towards Jack in the Beach Hut, Dani declares:

“So the decision between me and Jack we made was I’m just going to give him a chance and see what happens in the next few days. But I am glad, I’ve sort of let my guard down a little bit with him. My nan would be basically saying to me ‘what are you doing Dan, stop being a div.”

But first off, Dani faces an awkward conversation with Hayley, with whom she initially agreed to swap partners, initially allowing Hayley to couple up with Jack.

Dani finally plucks up the courage to confront the situation with Hayley, asking if she is feeling stressed in light of the latest developments.

Hayley responds: “Yeah I was just stressed because I feel like we had that conversation, then we played truth or dare. I was thinking ‘I love Eyal, I don’t see myself going any further with him than friends.’ I thought ‘well if I’m not happy with Eyal the only other safe option for me is Jack.’ Do you know what I mean? And for the last few days you’ve just been saying ‘we’re just friends.’ I thought ‘well, right now no one’s in here that I’m physically attracted to so I’ll just pair up with him and recouple with him and hopefully I’ll have my opportunity to find what I want in a man. Do you know what I mean? But then obviously after the challenge I’ve noticed you got upset. I don’t know what you were upset over.”

 Dani explains her sudden U Turn with Jack - “It wasn’t about you. It was just ‘let’s just give it a chance, see what happens, get to know each other a bit more and I was like ‘yeah, OK cool’ and I don’t want you to think that I’m going back on my word because I just want to see what happens.”

Giving the union her blessing, Hayley retorts “Yeah, that’s fine. If you have a got a spark with him then obviously Dan you’re very lucky because not many people have that spark with someone so soon.”


Hayley then tells the Beach Hut:


“If she genuinely feels them feelings and she feels like she’s being genuine to herself then yeah I believe she should give it a go. Why not?”


With her Hayley dilemma resolved, Dani begins to concentrate on developing her relationship with Jack, telling the Beach Hut that she is now finding it easier to display her emotions around him:


“I feel like me and Jack today have actually grown a little bit. In one day, we’ve grown, and it was nice. We’ve just had a proper nice conversation. I actually feel more myself now. A little bit more open with him.”


 As the pair chat again in the garden, Jack opens up on his feelings towards her:


“This is the happiest I’ve felt since I’ve been here. I promise you. Jokes aside. I feel like a weight’s been lifted. I do, I honestly do.”


Jack then leans in for a kiss, which is reciprocated by Dani, prompting cheers from their fellow Islanders.

love island.PNG


Rejoicing over her and Jack’s moment of passion, Dani declares herself the villa’s answer to Meghan Markle:


“We had a kiss and I felt like I just got married! Like when Meghan walked down the aisle and got married and that, I feel like that was me and everyone was cheering. It was lovely. “


Jack is equally overjoyed to have Dani back:


“I tell you what, I’m like a Cheshire cat, I can’t stop smiling. It just felt nice and natural. I’m really happy and I’m excited now.”  


With a re-coupling looming, Dani is feeling confident that her kiss with Jack has sealed her future in the villa:


“I do feel nice and safe and secure this week. I would be surprised if he didn’t choose me. Hopefully he does. He’d be silly not to really. I’ve given him the time of day now haven’t I!”


Having already called last orders on their coupling, has Dani finally locked in Jack long term?

Love Island continues tonight, 9pm, itv2.