MUSIC: Review - Example is on his best form with new album Bangers & Ballads!

Example is back and this time he's releasing new album/mixtape Bangers & Ballads on his own label, giving him full control of the music he puts out.

This has proved to be his best career move to date, because Example being in full control = massive tunes.

We all remember his greatest hits as it were, Kickstarts, Changed the way you Kiss Me, We'll be Coming Back and Won't Go Quietly to name but a few, and whilst we've always been big fans, we struggle to recall his more recent work.


All that has changed, and after a departure from his label, Example has been able to go back and do what he does best and believe us when we say Bangers & Ballads is exactly what it says on the tin.

Bangers & Ballads [Explicit]
Staneric Recordings Limited

Sit Down Gary instantly became one of our all time favourite Example tunes and from there, Show Me How To Love, All U Need, Into Darkness and Can't Get Me Down are stand-out highlights.  It sounds like Example had the time of his life making these tunes and we can only imagine how good they must sound at his live gigs.

This is an album you're going to want to listen to at full volume and on repeat because Example is on his best form ever and this is honestly one of the most enjoyable listens we've had in months. *****