25 behind the scenes secrets about The Circle...

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Psst… You’ve heard about The Circle? The new reality series has kicked off on Channel 4. And if you’re itching to know even more about the mysterious new series, here are some exciting behind-the-scenes facts about the show and how it’s made.

The Circle continues tonight at 10pm on Channel 4.

  1. The Circle is a new reality series from Studio Lambert – the award-winning production company behind hit shows like GoggleboxThree in a Bed and Tattoo Fixers.

  2. The contestants, or Players, have all been in lockdown prior to entering the show so they have been unable to find out who else is playing the game. Further standby Players are in lockdown, and will be introduced to the game regularly.

  3. Players communicate with each other using a social media platform called The Circle. The Circle is a voice-automated system which allows the Players to communicate in group chats, private messages, rate each other and update their profile pages.

  4. The Players will communicate with The Circle via four screens in their apartments - one in the kitchen, one in the bathroom, one in the bedroom and one in the living room. The living room screen in each apartment is 55 inches!

  5. There are over 50 producers on site working around the clock, with 30 people needed on any one shift in the gallery. 13 edits will be running day and night to produce each hour-long episode.

  6. The Players will be observed by 106 fixed rig cameras – the biggest fast-turnaround rig on British television.

  7. Over 50 microphones will pick up the gameplay and the Players’ thoughts and feelings across the series.

  8. The camera set up uses enough cable to stretch to the moon and back!

  9. The Players will be able to rant, confess or discuss their tactics direct to camera in The Inner Circle, a private room inside the apartment building.

  10. The Players will have no contact with anybody outside The Circle (unless for medical reasons).

  11. The apartment building has a yoga studio, indoor gym, outdoor gym, roof garden and hot tub, as well as a few other secret spaces in the building that will be revealed over the series…

  12. The Players can leave their apartments to use these amenities – but only one at a time so that they don’t meet their competitors while still in the game.

  13. Each apartment is approximately 50 sq. m in area.

  14. The interior of each apartment has a unique look and feel, created by TV & film production designer Sally Lock and her team.

  15. The Players can personalise their apartments with items from home.

  16. Players can bring as much luggage as they see fit for their stay in The Circle, including books, magazines, pens and paper.

  17. Players cannot bring in any electronic devices with mobile or Wi-Fi capability like phones, tablets, smartwatches or games consoles.

  18. Each flat has a kitchen equipped with an oven, a hob, a dishwasher, a microwave, washing machine, kettle and toaster.

  19. The Players can cook for themselves in their kitchens. Each Player provides a shopping order before arrival, which will be available in their apartment when they move in.

  20. Each bedroom is equipped with a double bed with summer/winter transition tog duvet, bedside lamp and walk-in wardrobe.

  21. The Players can do their own laundry (or have laundry collected if they really struggle!)

  22. The building’s gym is equipped with a running machine, rowing machine, cycle machine, weights, and kettle bells.

  23. The Circle app has been built by Sheffield-based digital developers Joi Polloi, who have previously created digital platforms for Channel 4’s Humans, the BBC’s Glastonbury coverage and internet star Zoella.

  24. The LED light circle on the exterior of the building is 100m in circumference and 30m diameter.

  25. The LED circle was constructed by TV lighting specialist James Tinsley, who has previously worked on lighting for First DatesBig BrotherLove Island and The Crystal Maze.

Watch The Circle nightly on Channel 4.