Nothing But TV Interview: Ben Owen from Channel 4's Hunted on how YOU can get involved with Hunters events!

Channel 4’s award-winning series Hunted returns as 10 ordinary people begin their life on the run with an audacious speedboat chase through Liverpool docks. For the next 25 days they will have to evade the clutches of an elite team of former military and intelligence operatives to have a chance of winning a share of £100,000.

For series 4, there are four teams of two and two solo fugitives.

Ben Owen

Ben Owen

Ahead of the show returning this Thursday 10th January at 9pm we caught up with Ben Owen who told us how he’d survive on the run and, how viewers can get in on the action with his exclusive Hunted events…


1.    How did you go about setting up The Hunters events company?

 The Hunter’s events company was set up just two months after the first episode of Hunted was aired in 2015 due to the huge interest in the narrative of the show.


2.    How similar to the TV show is the experience offered by the events company?

 As part of the actual experiences delivered, participants can choose to either go on the run, be a hunter or have a bespoke event created for them so they get to experience both. 90% of the bookings are for The Hunt in which people want to be the hunter. During this dynamic and exciting 2-hour event, participants get to become surveillance officers getting the opportunity to locate the target, put surveillance in place, follow them on foot, eaves drop on conversations and take photos etc.

 3.    What kind of people are the Hunted events aimed at?

The events have such a wide appeal that they attract big UK based names such as Sony and Jaeger Meister to Airbus all the way from the continent in France. The events also attract corporate businesses to local van rental companies! Corporates love it as not only is it exciting but there are also huge learning benefits to it including the development of leadership and communication skills as well as boosting confidence! The company also sets up specific event days aimed at individuals and small teams with the next one running on 16th February 2019.


4.    If you were one of the hunted, what would your strategy be to avoid being caught?

 -        Hide in the masses i.e. in London. With the right disguise, even the most remarkable CCTV operators will struggle to identify you amongst the masses.

-        Wear subtle and effective disguise.

-        Stay away from any technology that can be traced back to you.

-        Live with vagrants and hang out in churches, charity’s etc.

-        Keep moving in the London area.

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 5.    What 5 must-have items would you take with you if you went on the run?

 -        A burner phone that is not attributed to you.

-        Cash – no cards as they are traceable.

-        Map of the UK.

-        The warmest sleeping bag.

-        Initial food resources.


6.    The next event is in London. Where else do you wish to run them? Can you foresee running international experiences and if so, where?

 The events have taken place in most major UK cities however the one place on my bucket list to run the events in Wales where it will be more of a rural experience and more conducive to being on the run as seen on the TV series of the Hunted.


7.    I’d love to work for the secret intelligence service, what qualities do you need to be a hunter?

 You need to have a broad set of physical and mental skills, for example, you need to be:


-        Physically & mentally agile

-        Mentally resilient

-        Comfortable in all scenarios and with all classes of society i.e. be able to have a drink in a pub in the deepest part of east end of London to dining in a Michelin starred restaurant the following day.

-        From a humble background, it’s not all about being academic.


8.    In this age of big brother, is it possible to go completely off grid?

 It is but the question is for how long? It all depends on the resources available at that time to be able to catch you, for example on the TV series of Hunted, there were only 29 hunters to cover the whole of the UK so it was a miracle we caught anyone! It also depends on the individual’s mental resilience and never account for bad luck as even the most prolific fugitives will get caught with someone just simply dobbing them in!

the hunters events.jpg

 9.    You’re a motivational speaker, who or what motivates you?

My upbringing was not a particularly good one so I decided I had two choices, I can make excuses, be passive and moan about the state of the world or I can kick myself into action and make something of myself. I also get bored easily and cannot sit still so being passive is not an option for me!


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