Blade Runner 2049 is coming to Sky Cinema Premieres this week!

The sequel that's had sci-fi fans recalibrating their Voight-Kampff machines for 35 years is finally upon us and Blade Runner 2049 is coming to Sky Cinema Premières this week. 

blade runner 2049 on sky cinema premieres.jpg

.Set three decades after the events of Ridley Scott's ground-breaker, the story follows new LAPD 'blade runner' K (Gosling) - being a lawman tasked with hunting down undesirable android replicants - as he unearths a new threat to society. The discovery leads K on a quest to find the long-lost officer Deckard (Ford), a former blade runner who may - or may not - have been a replicant himself.

Subscribers to Sky Cinema via Sky or NOW TV can watch Blade Runner 2049 from this Friday.