Boston Week: Why Boston Duck Tours is THE best way to discover the city.

On day one of our adventures in Boston, we wanted to get our bearings and learn more of the city’s history.  As we knew there was a lot of ground (and water) to cover, we chose to go with – and we are so pleased we did!

duck tours.gif

The moment we saw our ride, we knew we were in for a treat! Utilising former amphibious army-use vehicles, the fleet of ducks come in a variety of colours, each with their own name (we rode in the green goddess known as ‘Charlie River’). 

duck 1.jpg

We picked up the tour at a fantastic area, Copley Square, and covered a huge distance. Led by our tour guide ‘The Guru’, the entire 90-minute trip was the most enjoyable tour we’ve EVER done.  This was largely down to the guide, whose sense of humour was exceptional and kept us laughing all the way.  We won’t tell give his jokes away, but we can’t look at Dunkin’ Doughnuts any more without laughing!

He had us in stiches, but it wasn’t by any means all jokes, as his commentary was continuous throughout, highlighting points of interest and historic buildings throughout the entire journey, and reeling off relevant facts, figures and firsts.


A highlight was of course going on to the water, which was more seamless than we had expected, and gave us the most enjoyable leisure cruise around the Charles River.  Some of the passengers even had a go at driving the boat! 

The tour took in all we could want to see, including the central park and common, the bar that the hit tv show Cheers was based on, and many, many historic building’s (we lost count of how many times the guy said “this was the first…” and we also learned tonnes of facts about the growth of the city and where it is today.


Boston is perhaps America’s best kept secret, a slightly smaller and quieter NYC where everybody is polite, welcoming and upbeat. The scale of the city is incredible, with so many different areas for you to explore and an endless list of things to do. If you’re coming, there’s no better way than to find your feet (whether they be webbed or not) and work out exactly where you want to go than by taking a duck boat with We can’t recommend it enough!