TV: Channel 5 axe Big Brother and Celebrity Big Brother

Channel 5 have apparently decided this Summer's series of Celebrity Big Brother and Big Brother will be the last.

A source told the Daily Star Sunday: "After months of discussions it has been decided to axe Celebrity Big Brother. Ratings have dropped for the past few series so it isn’t worth the hefty price tag."

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Big Brother has aired on the channel since 2011, when it was hosted by former winner Brian Dowling. In it's peak, it was attracting several million viewers per night and the £200million contract Channel 5 paid for the show was well worth the price tag.

However falling viewing figures mean the show is no longer financially viable and it seems it will have to find a new home, either on Sky, Amazon or Netflix.

U.S. drama The Detail is coming to Channel 5 

U.S. drama The Detail is coming to Channel 5 


Channel 5 boss Ben Frow has been testing a number of new primetime shows in the last 12 months, including revamped versions of Blind Date and Win Your Wishlist. He's also brought presenting talent with bigger profiles to the channel, including Eamonn and Ruth and Gino D'Campo.   Frow will have 110 hours of primetime hours to fill and intends to produce more studio based entertainment shows and buy in more U.S. dramas such as The Detail.

Celebrity Big Brother returns to Channel 5 mid-August followed by a regular series of Big Brother with Emma Willis returning as host.