Interview: Chris Ramsey on the return of Comedy Central UK's The Chris Ramsey Show

The Chris Ramsey Show returns to Comedy Central UK tonight for a brand new series., e

Featuring celebrity guests, stand-up from Chris and pub games, each episode this series is recorded close to transmission meaning the chat is bang up to date and topical.

The Chris Ramsey Show 2018

We had an exclusive chat with Chris to find out more...

Chris, it's great to see the series getting so much promo this week, what's been your favourite thing to do?

Ah Radio 1 was brilliant with Grimmy.  He said something so lovely, he said I'm not like a proper guest because it's just like talking to a mate. I was on for about an hour just getting involved in the show, it was so much fun.  Grimmy is so good at getting the best out of people at that time in the morning.

You have just filmed the first episode of the new series, how did that go?

Oh it was amazing.... amazing! You know, we have an audience of 200 and it's filmed out at Sky studios and obviously the weather has been shocking and yet the whole audience were absolutely fantastic, so into it.  You could in theory just rip off the Only Fools laughter track and stick that on the show, but having a live audience there gives me and the guests a real boost.  I actually do some stand up at the start of each episode so it's just brilliant to have such a lively audience, and the guests on the first show Scarlett Moffatt and Phil Wang were on top form, it was class!


This series is more topical isn't it?

Yes first time around we filmed the whole lot in one go whereas this time, we film one a week and it's done a couple of days before it goes out.  We don't talk about the hard news, I'm not interested in that, but it means we can talk about celebrity stories, things that have gone viral, that sort of thing.  It makes a big difference to the show, it's great.  The show has grown up, we don't play the video games now, but we do play some pub games, you know to get some competitiveness and some banter going.


This kind of show is very popular in America where they run every night or for weeks on end. Would you fancy doing that?

I would you know, I think as you say this format is very popular in America and I think it works well here too. The more the merrier I say, I would definitely do more.  We're doing this show for ten weeks and for me that's the closest thing to having a proper job, turning up at the office every day.  Three of us write it every week and we sit in a room and do lots of research and we basically have to overwrite, so we have far too much material for each show but that's what you need to make it work. I love it.

You're back on tour soon as well aren't you?

Yes I am, so in ten weeks time I'll have a rock n roll holiday at Centre Parcs with the folks and my family and then after that I'm off on the road again with a brand new show and I can't wait. Right now though I'm looking forward to getting in the show and playing with my little boy.

chris ramsey 2018 tour.jpeg


How are you finding fatherhood?

I love it man, it's great and it's also entertaining so I'll discuss it in my show. My wife and I are going to launch a vlogging series soon all about parenthood!

Alright well I'll let you go and build a snowman, but before you go just tell us who we can expect to see on The Chris Ramsey Show this series?

Well here's an exclusive for you, literally Toff has just confirmed she's coming on so that will be great and Tom Davis will be brilliant too! 


The Chris Ramsey Show will premiere on Comedy Central UK on Wednesday 28th February at 10pm.