Christmas Must-Buy - Biggar Gin is the small batch gin that packs a big punch!

You could be forgiven for thinking the name ‘Biggar’ is come kind of trendy play on words but whilst it looks good, it actually  comes from a town in Scotland just south of Edinburgh.

biggar gin.png

Made by two local brothers, this is a handcrafted gin of exceptional quality – perhaps because they only ever make small batches of around 200 bottles a time, because it is made from very fine batches of local botanicals.

It’s a beautiful gin, citrusy, with a touch of honey, best drank (in our opinion) with a regular tonic water, however you might want to experiment with something a little spicy in order to bring out the orange notes some more.

biggar gin.jpg

Last year, it was awarded the title of Best London Dry Gin in The Gin Guide Awards 2018 and it’s not hard to see why.

Retailing at a very modest £35, this small batch gin with a big(gar) flavour certainly packs some punch.

Definitely a fantastic buy for any gin-lover this Christmas.

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