A Leicester chocolate shop is giving you the chance to have the most fun you could ever have in a chocolate shop!

Leicester.  It probably conjures up images of Richard III, Leicester City winning the premiership and Mark "Return of the Mack" Morrison. 

But just when you thought it couldn't get any better, an artisan chocolate shop in the heart of the city is giving you the chance to have the most fun you could ever have in a chocolate shop.

cocoa amore.jpg

Over the years, we've had the pleasure of participating in all manner of workshops, adventure days, experiences, whatever you'd like to call them.  But literally none of them have given us the same level of pleasure that we experienced in this wonderful little chocolate shop that looks like something out of... well, Chocolat. As in the film about a chocolate shop.

The shop is called Cocoa Amore and my goodness does the chocolate smell good when you walk in! Using only the finest chocolate, the chocolatiers here make truffles of every kind - truffles filled with rum, champagne, peanut butter, you name it. There are chocolate bars, chocolate drops, chocolate drinks and chocolate biscuits.  Actually, is a handmade jaffa cake a cake or a biscuit? We forgot to ask.

Chocolatier Danny led us upstairs to a kind of class-room with high benches, aprons and fancy graphics about chocolate.  All very Masterchef! 

Danny and his very own champion of the world Yazmine began what was going to become our favourite "experience" day ever!


In the hour that followed, we smelt many different types of cocoa and indeed, got to taste a whole lot of it too. The history of chocolate was explained to us in an interesting and engaging way, and we got to taste so much chocolate along the way, it was brilliant! 

After the theory came the practical, and it was time for us to get making something for ourselves! 


We were going to be taught how to make a chocolate stiletto which believe me, involves more than just pouring chocolate into a mould!  We loved getting stuck in and eventually we picked up a number of the professional techniques, making the whole experience extremely rewarding.


It didn't stop there though, before we knew it, we were making truffles to fill the shoe!  The tone of the workshop was fantastic, Danny and Yasmine were so much fun and we had many laughs along the way.  They also let us eat a copious amount of the chocolate! 

Cocoa Amore isn't just any old chocolate shop in the Midlands, this is a very special little place, who's founder - Pete - has made chocolate for royalty (as in the actual Queen, not just some fancy do that was put on among all the Richard III shenanigans - although he did that too). 


Get yourself up to this place of wonderment, which lies just over an hour out of London by train.  Or, if you aren't quite ready to make your own chocolate masterpieces, you can purchase all kinds of goodness from their website directly - See Cocoa Amore on Facebook for more details.