Review: American Idiot - the Greenday Musical.

We got a little bit too excited when we heard American Idiot was getting its own theatre show! We went along to Leicester’s Haymarket Theatre to catch the touring production, which has already won critical acclaim.

Owning the now classic Green Day album since its release in 2004, it almost felt like the hours spent listening to it were leading to this moment!

The show itself stars Waterloo Road’s Tom Milner and X Factor finalists Luke Friend and Sam Lavery, along with what seemed like hundreds of backing dancers. There was also a live band housed at the top of the stage that played each track - and even got involved in some of the banter with the characters.

 American Idiot features every track from its namesake album, seamlessly leading from one to another, weaved with acting, dancing, and plenty of riots and toilet-paper-throwing, telling the story of three friends, and their journeys through life.

american idiot review.jpg

 Wake Me Up When September Ends was one of the tracks we were most excited for, and we weren’t disappointed! It tied in with the story perfectly, leading to a poignant moment.

Paired with a great set and some amazing lighting, American Idiot felt like a Green Day gig (well, so we’d imagine) and seemed more a hybrid of a theatre performance and a rock concert.

If you get the opportunity to go and see this, the Mamma Mia of the rock world, go and see it! You’ll have the Time Of Your Lives - particularly if you consider yourself a Green Day fan - or if deep down you’re still a 2004-punk-band-wannabe. Peace.

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