Eamonn Holmes wants to stuff his loved one when she dies.

Eamonn Holmes wants to stuff his dog when she dies.

The 'This Morning' host will be devastated when his pet pooch Maggie - who he rescued seven years ago - passes away and, as a way to ensure she's always with him, he'd be keen to get her lifeless body freeze-dried and padded out with rags and cotton.

Speaking on the brunch time show on Thursday (04.01.18), he said while speaking to man who got his dog Phoebe stuffed in the US after her death: "I have proposed for this to happen with my beautiful dog, but my wife has said no."

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His wife Ruth Langsford has thrown the idea to the curb as she finds the concept "creepy" and she doesn't think she'd ever be able to her head around it.

She said: "I think it's creepy and I'd think, 'Oh there's Maggie.' But it wouldn't be her."

To which Eamonn replied: "Because you think it's creepy, does that make me creepy?"

Ruth snapped: "Yes!"

But Eamonn, 58, thinks getting Maggie stuffed when she dies is the best way to remember her because she's one of a kind due to her mix-breed.

He explained: "Our dog is a cross between a Border Collie and a sausage dog, and there's a bit of Corgi in there too. She's a rescued dog so that will never happen again because she was neutered before we rescued her so that [breeding] isn't an option open to me so the stuffing does sound good to me."

Meanwhile, Ruth, recently admitted that she can't imagine her life without Maggie.

The 57-year-old presenter said: "Now I can’t imagine life without her. I always thought dog people were a bit bonkers. Now I’m the kind of person who wraps her Christmas presents and she even had her own stocking. She is part of the family."