Feature: We've been on an 80's Throwback cruise and it could not have been better!

What do you get if you cross a festival, a cruise ship, and a selection of eighties legends? Throwback Festival of course!


 Having frequented festivals before, we can confirm upgrading from a tent to a cruise ship isn’t the worst decision in the world. There’s a bit more legroom, you don’t necessarily have to use your bag as a pillow, and the views are marginally better than the back of your mate’s head.

THROWBACK 2018 (8).jpg

 Our tent of choice for this trip was Royal Caribbean’s Navigator of the Seas. Not too shabby tbh, with numerous bars, eateries and theatres, oh and even a classic Bugatti just casually parked on board.


Headliners for the trip included Human League, Chesney Hawks, OMD, Jason Donovan and Sonia. All the acts that we saw worked the crowd incredibly, adding to the real party atmosphere that everyone on board seemed to be feeling.

THROWBACK 2018 (5).jpg

 The eighties theme was great, with music from the era being pumped out of the ships speakers, inflatable props including space hoppers suspended form the ceiling, and even a real life Club Tropicana! We didn’t realise how great the eighties actually were, and how many TUNES they produced!


Being on a cruise ship, when not dancing the night away, there was a list of amenities to keep us busy. Some of the highlights include a steak house, an American diner - complete with dancing waiters, a casino, arcade and numerous pools and Jacuzzis.


We also paid a visit to FlowRider. Not the rapper guy that is definitely post 1980s, before you start – FlowRider is a surfing machine that gives you the opportunity to have a surfing lesson without even leaving the deck. We were basically pros – although sadly the video proof of this has mysteriously disappeared.


 Anyway, as we were on a ship, we made the most of its travelling capabilities, waking up to a beautiful sunrise in Zeebrugge. We took advantage of an excursion into Bruges, featuring a walking tour of the city, followed by a beer tasting trip  - rude not to really!


Bruges offered a quaint destination, with lots of things to see, do and taste. Supplying some October sunshine, we can confirm trousers were upgraded to shorts!

throw bruges.jpg

 Back on the ship and we’d no sooner set sail than a pool party hosted by Pat Sharp had kicked off! Juggling DJ duties with a huge queue of fans wanting selfies, his multi-tasking skills are strong!

Partying the night away into the early hours, this whole trip was so much fun. With a great atmosphere, SO much fancy dress, and all the food you could eat, this is a concept we can’t wait to see again! This was definitely one of - if not THE highlight of 2018 for us! You’ve not missed the boat (aha) throwback is returning for 2019. Details below!

Throwback 2019 11-14 October

Do not miss out on a three-night roundtrip from Southampton onboard Royal Caribbean’s Explorer of the Seas visiting Le Havre in 2019!

Info: www.floatingfestivals.co.uk