FILM: Review - Why Mission Impossible Fallout is the film of the Summer

Unbelievably, Tom Cruise is 58.   Even more surprising, is that the Mission Impossible franchise has now reached its 7th film.

Helping that longevity significantly this time around is that the narrative continues straight on from the previous outing, Rogue Nation. Solomon Lane (played creepily again by Sean Harris) and the Syndicate are again threatening the world and only Ethan Hunt can stop it.

mi fallout.jpg

There are a few things that make this film as great as it is:

-  Tom Cruise looks like Tom Cruise again, following his slightly dubious appearance in Rogue Nation

- Ethan Hunt is slightly flawed this time around, making errors which he's forced to put right makes for a much more rounded character

- Henry Cavill is brilliant as August Walker and the wider cast now feel like an established ensemble, with Simon Pegg and Rebecca Ferguson making very welcome returns.

Add to all of that, the stunts.  You've probably heard by now that the stunts make this film and that is certainly true.   We can't recall another action movie in recent history that has pulled off this many memorising set pieces and yes, we include Bond in that.

showcase cinema de lux.jpg


Proving there's still life in the Mission Impossible series yet, Fallout genuinely is unmissable.  Check it out at your local Showcase Cinema or Showcase Cinema De Lux now.  *****