FILM: A dedicated Sci-Fi channel is coming to Sky Cinema this September!

Sci-fi fans will be in seventh heaven throughout September, as Sky Cinema Sky-Fi assembles the biggest and best the genre has to offer.

blade runner 2049 on sky cinema premieres.jpg

The hits just keep on coming, with the original Jurassic Park trilogy, both Blade Runners and the first five Planet of the Apes mixing it up with classics from Spielberg (Close Encounters of the Third Kind), Carpenter (The Thing), Cameron (Aliens, Terminator 2: Judgment Day) and Kubrick (2001: A Space Odyssey).


Trekkies can also look forward to all 10 original films plus JJ Abrams’s blockbuster 2009 reimagining, while Star Wars will be represented by the formidable one-two punch of Rogue One and The Last Jedi.

From 1-30 September Sky Cinema Sci-Fi & Horror becomes Sky Cinema Sky-Fi. Watch via Sky or NOW TV.