FILM: What films are on tv this weekend?

Celebritain has scoured the TV guides so you don't have to and these are the best films that you can watch on TV this weekend... 

star wars.png


Star Wars: A New Hope, Episode IV - 5.25pm, itv2

Iron Man 2 - 6.40pm, E4

Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers - 8pm, itv

Robin Hood - 8pm, itv2

Mission Impossible III - 9pm, Sky One

Terminator Genisys:  9pm, Channel 4

The Inbetweeners 2 -  9pm, E4

The Heat - 9pm, Film4


devil wears prada.jpg


The Devil Wears Prada - 4.30pm, Channel 4

Swallows and Amazons - 5.30pm, BBC One

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back - 5.25pm itv2

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 - 6.25pm, itv

Spectre - 8pm, itv2

Ted 2 - 9pm, Flm4

Bridge of Spies - 9pm, Channel 4