Nothing But Film: You can now watch Tom Hardy's Venom via Sky Store.

Tom Hardy’s fan-favourite Venom is now available on early release via Sky Store.

Zombieland’s Ruben Fleischer directs this dark-hearted superhero thriller, a Spider-Man spin-off starring Tom Hardy as a tough New York reporter – Eddie Brock – whose life is forever changed after coming into contact with a slithery alien lifeform known as a ‘symbiote’.

sky store venom.png

It’s been brought to Earth by Riz Ahmed’s sinister biotech scientist and wastes little time parasitically fusing itself to poor Eddie, a move which results in the emergence of violent anti-hero Venom. Rounding out the impressive cast is Michelle Williams as Brock’s lawyer love interest, Anne.

Venom is available to stream and keep from Sky Store from £11.99.