Here's when Sky Cinema customers can watch Tom Hardy's Venom....

Tom Hardy’s popular comic book movie Venom is coming to Sky Cinema this June.


The world doesn’t need any more superheroes. Luckily, they’re no heroes.

One’s a down on his luck San Francisco-based journalist named Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) who’ll stop at nothing to uncover the truth. The other is an amorphous space blob with a taste for brains and other human organs. Together, they form a symbiotic relationship to make Venom – a hulking anti-hero with bite – in what might be the most unconventional buddy movie in years. Together they look to take down the shady Life Foundation, headed by the sinister Carlton Drake (Riz Ahmed)

Tom Hardy’s brilliant comic-book movie Venom is coming to Sky Cinema Premires from Friday 14 June 2019.