TV Interview: Hollyoaks stars Jennifer Metcalfe and Jude Monk McGowan discuss Magaluf episodes

It may be boiling in the UK, but things are heating up in Magaluf as the McQueens head out for Mercedes’ hen do! But when she finally reveals that groom is Russ Owen, how will everyone react?

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Hollyoaks: The McQueens Take Magaluf airs August 13th and 14th at 6.30pm on Channel 4 and Jennifer Metcalfe and Jude Monk McGowan have been telling us more...



What was your favourite #Magalufoaks moment? 

The catering was delicious! And sleep, I got a full night every night!


Why did Mercedes invite her family to Magaluf?

Because it was her hen party and where better than Magaluf for the McQueens, they were definitely in their element.


How happy did Mercedes feel being reunited with her family?

She was buzzing to be back with them, although it wasn’t long until the drama started and she soon wanted to be as far away from them as possible.


Why is getting Myra’s blessing so important?

She’s her mum. Ultimately Mercedes will do whatever she wants to, but having her mums blessing will make it better.


How was it seeing old flame Sylver after all this time?

She was so shocked, excited, and annoyed. She still holds a little flame for him and this took her by surprise.


Has Mercedes really changed?

No! She would like to think she has but I’m not sure she ever will.


How is her relationship with Russ different from the last time?

I actually don’t think it is much different. They are older but it’s like nothing has changed, and she is just trying to convince herself it has.


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What was your favourite #Magalufoaks moment?

It was my first time ever shooting for Hollyoaks so it’s always going to be something very special. I had to be half naked the entire day though so it was straight in at the deep end!


What has Liam been up to since we last saw him?

Glenn gave him an opportunity to grieve over the death of Eva by allowing him to work in Spain and help with some shady deals.


How was it seeing Courtney after all this time?

It’s complicated because on one level he wouldn’t want her to see him doing the things he is doing, but he does obviously care and has some degree of affection for her, and he’s quite protective.


How has your experience been with Hollyoaks so far?

So far it’s been great everyone has been really friendly and accommodating and kind, I’m very happy.


How is it working with Amy?

It was great. I couldn’t have asked for a better partner for my first scene, she was very patient and helpful.


What are you most excited about for your Hollyoaks experience?

I’m most excited for the intensity of it all. I’m excited to learn a lot more about camera work, and

to learn the way shooting works on Hollyoaks