Interview: Caroline Flack on Love Island 2019!

The holiday of a lifetime awaits a brand-new influx of Islanders as Love Island returns to ITV2.

This year’s line up of singletons are about to embark upon a scintillating summer of dates, drama, romance and relationships, with host Caroline Flack once again welcoming them to their plush paradise surrounding.

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Caroline tells us more about her expectations for the 2019 series…

Love Island is now in its fifth series – what do you think is the secret behind its success?

The secret behind Love Island’s success is that it’s a really simple show about a really complicated subject. No love situation is ever the same, no relationship is ever the same, we are all either in love, out of love, falling in love or falling out of it. It’s relatable and that is the thing that is never going to change.

You’ve been present for a lot of dramatic villa moments over the years but what are your stand out memories?

There are so many! The first Casa Amor for me was one of those bombshell moments. When the postcard went through the villa door, I was as shocked as the host as anyone else. The makers of the show just know how to twist and turn things and these are things that can happen in real relationships, we test relationships to see how strong they are and that’s what you need sometimes, a little test.

What’s your favourite part of the job?

Doing the Flack Attacks! I love it. I feel like I’m in such a privileged position to do them because it’s the sort of stuff I’d be speaking about anyway as a viewer. I feel like a viewer that’s getting to go in the villa. To deliver that news and be part of the narrative is really exciting. And also hosting Aftersun, to be able to talk about everything going on in Love Island and to be able to narrate that chat is a real privilege.

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If you could give the new Islanders any tips on how to survive a relationship in the villa, what would they be?

Don’t panic about being the single person in the villa, don’t worry and think you need to settle down with someone that you don’t think is right for you because people are coming in and going out all the time.

Make friendships because a lot of those friendship couples end up staying until the end and then someone comes in for them. Look at Camilla, she is a great example. Don’t panic so much at the beginning if there is no one there for you. Love doesn’t happen easily, it happens over time and don’t worry if you don’t fancy someone at the beginning, you might fancy them by week two.

People often talk about how they relate to the dating dilemmas they see in the villa, we all feel that we’ve been there at some point. Are there any situations the Islanders have gone through where you’ve really felt for them?

Camilla. The Camilla and Jonny situation in series three. I’ll always remember that. I watched it on my phone in the hotel because I didn’t have a TV and I remember crying in Reception and the Receptionist, she didn’t know about Love Island then, she was thinking ‘Why is this girl crying into her phone?!’ and it was me watching Love Island. I just felt for her, when she went and hid in the larder and she just cried and I’ve been there, when you can’t hold back the tears. Ah Camilla. But now she has found love with Jamie and she’s fine.

Do you have friends bombarding you for gossip from the show and do you find it difficult keeping secrets when you know there’s a big bombshell coming?

All of my friends add me to Whatsapp groups, I’m in so many! And I have to remove myself from it because I’m like ‘I’m not going to tell you what’s happening.’ I get in enough trouble keeping secrets to myself, don’t try and get it out of me! I’m really well behaved when it comes to talking about the show because it’ll ruin it. Even my mum asks me and I’m like, ‘I can’t tell you Mum, sorry!’

How emotionally involved do you find yourself getting once the show is underway?

I’m a viewer first, presenter second but I’m really just a professional viewer. I support them, I can’t be a robot when it comes to the show otherwise I wouldn’t be the right person to do it.

Do you ever find it difficult to stay impartial when you’re in the villa, if you’ve got a particularly strong opinion on how someone has behaved?

Yes! I have to stay impartial but of course if you see someone in there and you feel for them, you want to just go in there and say ‘It’s okay, I’m here on your side!’ But I can’t, I have to be professional.

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How good are your matchmaking skills? Have you ever spotted a Love Island romance before it’s happened?

I can’t even matchmake myself! So no, no one should rely on me to matchmake them. I will just host the show and talk all about it!

If you could give the Islanders any advice on staying together once they’re back in the UK what would it be?

Don’t put too much pressure on your relationship, don’t worry about being one step ahead of all of the other couples, don’t jump into moving in together too quickly. Once you’re out of the villa, start again, start dating, start taking it slowly, don’t worry about where you are in your relationship, it doesn’t matter. Just enjoy it. There is no point rushing.

Love Island returns to itv2 at 9pm on 3 June.