Interview: Charlie Hedges talks Radio 1 and her new Mallorca pool parties, House of Charlie!

As part of Radio 1’s late night trio Rickie, Melvin and Charlie, DJ Charlie Hedges has one of the most recognisable voices in UK radio.   Not content with entertaining the nation Monday to Thursdays, Charlie also has her own online fashion boutique and has a Summer of live gigs planned, including the brand new House of Charlie pool parties at Island Beach Club, Mallorca.

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 Nothing But Entertainment had a chat with her to find out more…  


Congratulations on your new BBC Radio 1 show, you already sound so at home there. How are you finding it?

Honestly we’re having so much fun, it feels like we’ve been there for ages! It’s mad to be part of the Radio 1 family, we love it.


What’s the reaction been like from your fans? 

From our first day the reaction has been incredible.  We’ve always had lots of support and more so now, we are very lucky.  It’s great that we have taken listeners with us and also that we can talk to brand new ones.


We can’t wait to come to Radio 1’s Big Weekend, how are you feeling about that? 

Oh we cannot wait!  We know we’re definitely going, so and we’re just waiting to find out exactly what we are going to be doing there.   That’s so cool that you’re going too!

Rickie, Melvin and Charlie

Rickie, Melvin and Charlie

We’re most excited for Camelphat, how about you? 

Oh my god  Camelphat. Yes! For me they are literally the best artists at the moment, the sound is just… yeah I cannot wait for them.   I just love their vibe man.  You know, when we started Radio 1 people asked us to sum up our vibe and they sum it up perfectly, they’re really special.


Tell us about House of Charlie, it sounds amazing? 

House of Charlie, yeah I love it.  I’ve played there with Steve Aioke, other people like that and this year they asked me to go out and host a pool party and I jumped at it! I can’t wait!


How would you describe it to people who have never been?

I go with the vibe of who is there you know, I would say an underground sound with a commercial edge… I love house music, there are so many people coming in and out of Mallorca and it can be a different feeling depending who is there. I  go between deep house and commercial.


We love your online fashion boutique as well, what  can you tell us about that? 

Ah thank you, I set up the online boutique about a year ago.   It’s inspired by what I wear.  It’s nice to have clothes you can afford so you can keep changing it up.  Every month we do pop up shops, we go and do it for a day and it’s really cool and when things calm down I’ll definitely get out and do it again. 


We love it when people in the entertainment industry unleash their inner entrepreneur.   What advice would you give to young people who would like to follow in your footsteps? 

I always say to people don’t give up  Once you start in out you have to be able to take people saying ‘no’.  It’s about looking at negative feedback, twist it and work harder.     We should all do what we enjoy doing, the goal is when it gets hard, go for it and you’ll love life.  Just go for it!



Charlie’s Summer 2019 Live Dates


27.03.2019- HoTL Miami 2019 @ El Patio, Wynwood/Miami (USA) – WMC 2019

29.03.2019 – Ravensbury, London (UK)

30.03.2019 - Fiction Hanley (UK)

27.04.2019 - Atik Tamworth

31.05.2019 - BH Mallorca - House of Charlie Day Pool Party

01.06.2019 - Pryzm Nottingham

07.06.2019 - BH Mallorca - House of Charlie Day Pool Party

15.06.2019 - Pryzm Birmingham

22.06.2019 - Pryzm Watford

29.06.2019 - Pryzm Kingston

05.07.2019 - BH Mallorca - House of Charlie Day Pool Party

12.07.2019 - BH Mallorca - House of Charlie Day Pool Party

19.07.2019 - BH Mallorca - House of Charlie Day Pool Party

20.07.2019 - Cameo Bournemouth

27.07.2019 - Pryzm Cardiff

31.08.2019 - Pryzm Romford

07.09.2019 - Pryzm Brighton

14.08.2019 - Pryzm Leeds

21.09.2019 - Pryzm Southampton



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