Interview: Daniel O'Reilly and Andrew Brady reflect on Celebrity Big Brother

Funnyman Daniel O'Reilly and The Apprentice star Andrew Brady both left the Celebrity Big Brother house this week, together with Jonny off of Love Island.

We caught up with the lads to hear more about their experience...


daniel o'reilly.png

Daniel O'Reilly

Where you real in the house?

Yes I was totally myself. It could have got me into trouble because I’m naturally jokey and flirty but I didn’t offend anyone in the house. If I was to censor what I say then I wouldn’t be myself.

Do you have any regrets in the house?

I’m not ashamed of anything I said in the house because I didn’t upset anyone and I was myself throughout.

What was the hardest part of being in the house?

Having time to to reflect, being without my phone or able to contact my family. My Dad died in the last year and I had a baby so it’s been a rollacosater of a year.

Why did you decide to propose to Shelley when you exited the show?

I had a lot of time to sit and think in the house. I realised that asll I wanted was her and I wish I had done it sooner. It was terryifing and I’m so glad she said yes.

What was your goal on entering Big Brother House?

If people were able to see a different side to me then I’m happy with that.


andrew brady big brother.jpg

Andrew Brady

Ann has caused some controversy, what are your thoughts on her making her way to the final?

Ann winning the show would be the worst thing for CBB. The show was all about women and the rights of women and how these have changed over a hundred years. Ann’s views on homosexuality are the same as those that stopped women voting all those years ago.

Should she win the show?

No she shouldn’t. She’s the opposite of Equality and Diversity.

Your relationship with Ann as unsteady to say the least. What can you say about the argument you had with her?

It was heated at the time and I didn’t get a letter from my family. It was difficult to hear that from her waiting for 3 weeks with nothing from the outside. I do regret using the c word but she went too far bringing my famity into it.

Why does Ann annoy you so much?

She needs to realise It’s the 21st Century and she needs to give people a chance. She has very strong beliefs about homosexuality and she needs to learnt o love everyone.