Interview: India Willoughby on Celebrity Big Brother

India Willoughby certainly made an impression during her brief stint in the Celebrity Big Brother house.

We managed to catch her straight after her eviction to get her thoughts on leaving the show...

india willoughby cbb interview.jpg

What do you think was your turning point in the house towards eviction?

I went in there to cause some mischief and have fun but I opened my mouth too early on and it got me into trouble. I had so much to offer and BB really is hurdles race. I hit a big one with the gender question.


Could you have done things differently?

I allowed myself to be manipulated in the house. There are some treacherous people in there. I’m gutted to have left.


Do you have highlights of being in the house?

I was psyched up to be a big part of the show. I wish I could have stayed longer but that first night I messed up and it was hard to come back from that. There is a lot more to me and I will explain more in later interviews.


Did you see yourself staying longer in the house?

Yes, absolutely. I regret that I got off to a bad start and I didn’t give it my best show.


There was a lot of criticism on social media about how you dealt with situations. What are your thoughts on this?

People don’t know the half of what goes on in there. So much is not put out on the show, I will talk more about the goings on in the house when I’m released from contract.


Celebrity Big Brother continues  nightly on Channel 5.