Interview: Jack Fox on the return of Sky Atlantic's massive original drama, Riviera.

Series two of the Sky original Production Riviera commences filming with the addition of the stellar new cast

The Cote d’Azur is about to get even more stylish as a host of new faces join the cast of Sky Atlantic’s record breaking drama, Riviera.

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The second series of the Sky original production sees returning cast members Julia Stiles, Lena Olin, Roxane Duran and Dimitri Leonidas joined in the sun-soaked south of France by Will Arnett (Arrested Development), Juliet Stevenson (Truly, Madly, Deeply), Poppy Delevingne (Kingsman: The Golden Circle), Jack Fox (Kids In Love) and Grégory Fitoussi (World War Z).

This series picks up in the aftermath of the shocking first series finale. While the Clios family contend with the devastation caused by Constantine’s death, Georgina’s focus is on getting away with murder. However, things become more complicated with the introduction of the Elthams, an aristocratic English family with secrets of their own. Juliet Stevenson takes on the role of Lady Cassandra Eltham and is joined on the Riviera by her children, the impossibly stylish Daphne (Delevingne) and the brooding Nico (Fox).

Meanwhile, Georgina (Julia Stiles) is reunited with her charismatic uncle Jeff (Arnett) and we learn more about the troubled past she left behind in America. She also becomes entangled with the handsome and mysterious Noah (Fitoussi).

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We caught up with Jack Fox to find out more…


Jack, we loved hearing you, Juliet and Poppy on Virgin Radio, how often have you caught up like that?

Thank you, yes it was fun.  I’d say we meet probably about one a month, so fairly regularly.  It sounds cliché I know but we’re really close, we get on really well so it’s great.


You were on location for SEVEN months.  What took so long?

*Laughs* Well… we were shooting ten episodes and it’s about three weeks for an episode.  There are like fifty pages to a script, there is an awful lot to learn and a lot of attention to detail and everybody wants to get it right.


How much prep goes into the show before you go to the location?

We had the Director with us who I’d only met in rehearsal rooms and I knew I had the part in March and we were out there in May so hardly any time before we got out there. 


What did the locals think to you? In particular how did the French ladies like having a posh Englishman a round?

*Laughs* Erm… well…. The French are great, they are so welcoming. If you throw your heart and soul into something then they give you an awful lot back in return! I got on with them very well, they were fantastic.

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 If I spent seven months on the Riviera I’d be eating and enjoying the wine constantly. How did you stay in shape?

Yeah ell I ran a lot and I swam I lot. I had my dog with me too so that was great. I did a lot of exercise.  French food is very rich and the wine is great yes, so you would definitely pile on the pounds if you didn’t keep on top of it.


In this series you’re part of a new family. You said you all got on, what was it like on set?

It was great, we spent a lot of time getting to know each other socially, reading scripts at the dinner table all of that.  We became really strong friends, we got on like a house on fire and we grew and grew and I think that comes across on screen.


Sky Original’s have a huge budget and a huge reputation to uphold.  What was it like working with them?

Cameron our Exec Producer was brilliant, he’s now head of drama at Sky and he really knows what he’s doing.  He trusted us with this big old show.  It started with trust and that’s all you an cask for really.  We had all the ingredients we needed to pull it off.


Riviera is almost Bond-like. Very different to your new itv drama Sanditon, right?

Yeah Sanditon is set in 1820, it is so different in pace and tone.  It’s a privilege to be a part of, I think it’s great. It’s kind of…. Regal.  Riviera is more glamorous, they’re very different.


Can you say when Sanditon will air?

I think in the Autumn, in the kind of Downton Abbey slot. Watch this space.


Tell us about your character in Riviera then?


He’s… well he sees himself as the head of the family and he gets lost in that pretty quickly.  He came from public school, he had to fend for himself, and his background…. Well it he gets into unnecessary problems put it that way.


Sky have already commissioned a third season, they must be pleased with it?

Apparently they have, yes. I think they’re pleased with it. I think the first season was like the biggest ever original drama for them and I think they wanted to make season 2 bigger and brighter which I think it is.  I mean, once you’ve shot a show you can no longer view it objectively but I’m very proud of it and they seem to be pleased with it yes.


What else is in the pipeline for you?

Sanditon doesn’t finish shooting until Jul and then I start another project in September and then…. We’ll see!



All episodes of Riviera season 2 are available via NOW TV and Sky Atlantic from 9pm this Thursday. Follow @jacklouisfox on Twitter for updates from him.