Interview: Jennifer Saunders talks voicing Mymble in Sky One's Moominvalley.

Moominvalley is a brand new family animated series coming to Sky One and Sky Kids, starting Good Friday 19 April, 5:30pm on Sky One and available as a box set on Sky Kids and Sky One. The Sky original production, directed by the Oscar®-winning Steve Box (Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the WereRabbit) is a new adaptation of the much loved work of Tove Jansson, a Finnish-Swedish writer and artist, whose books have been translated to over 50 languages.

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Directed for a family primetime audience, the drama fantasy series is full of love and laughter for lifelong Moomin fans and newcomers alike. The star of the show, curious and idealistic Moomintroll with his extraordinary family and whimsical friends, takes the audience on an adventure into the magical world of Moominvalley, an idyllic place entirely untouched by the modern world. Throughout the series the beloved characters venture beyond the valley into the vast wilderness, huge dark forests, mysterious distant islands and lonely perilous mountains. As we follow the story of Moomintroll’s growth and encounters with his family and other creatures, we learn more about our own humanity, relationships and emotions – and especially about love. Moominvalley is an uplifting series for all the family.

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Jennifer Saunders who voices Mymble, tells us more…

Can you introduce us to your character and your role within the story?

I voice Mymble also know as My and the mother of Little My. She has unspecified number of children and is carefree, careless and a bit of a Bohemian. She is also very funny.

You’ve said in the past that your daughter is a huge fan of the Moomins, did she teach you much about the characters before you took on the role?

My daughter Freya has always loved The Moomins but I had not read the books until recently and found them such a joy as an adult. They are moving and funny and accessible on many levels.

How does voicing an animated character compare to some of your previous roles?

I love voicing animation. It’s very freeing. No one is looking at you, it’s all about the noise you make and you just try to do justice to someone else’s concept. And you get lots of goes at it because generally you’re the only one recording.

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Mymble lives an even more carefree, free-wheeling life than the Moomins. Are there any parts of her character that you admire?

We all wish we could be more carefree.

The Moomins are a global phenomenon with an enduring popularity across generations, why do you think this is?

It’s beautiful, profound writing that’s as light as a feather and has meaning for every generation.

Why do you think now is a good time to be bringing the Moomins back?

We should always have the Moomins! And the animation techniques can bring a new beauty to them.

Other than Mymble, who is your favourite Moominvalley character?

Moominpappa is a favourite. He is very steady but quite a dreamer.

Catch MoominValley on Sky One, Sky Kids and NOW TV.