Interview: KISS Breakfast hosts Tom and Daisy discuss the Where’s Your Head at Campaign.

KISS is supporting Where’s Your Head At? – a campaign for a change in law so that mental and physical health are given equal treatment at work and at colleges.

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KISS Breakfast hosts Tom and Daisy are backing the campaign so we caught up with them to find out more…

You two have settled into KISS Breakfast so quickly, how are you finding it?

T - Loving it! It’s a lot of fun. The early alarm never gets easier, but I’m loving it. It’s been the best time so far, we do feel settled already.

D - I used to go to bed at 8am, so this is madness.

T - As soon as I see coffee, it’s all good.

D - Oh thanks, I thought you were going to say seeing me?

T - It’s all in the coffee! Honestly! That, and there’s lots of adrenaline, we get 4.4 million listeners a week and you run off that.

D - Yeah when the mic goes on, it’s a real buzz. Live radio is such a buzz.

Daisy, you’re still very young how has it affected your social life?

T - Oh thanks! I’m only 26!

D - I am young! But it’s like any new job, I put everything into it and I get enough sleep to get through it!

What we love about 1 Golden Square, where you’re based, is it’s also home to other stations like Magic. What’s the bants with the other DJs like?

T - Every morning I go for a wee next to Ronan Keating. I can’t leave the desk until 9am so I rush to the toilet at 9. Ronan does the same. By the time 9am comes there are lots of people queuing outside. It’s always nice chatting to Ronan whilst weeing, last time we were chatting about his tour.

You get some massive guests on as well, has that all gone to plan?

D - We have loads of fun with the guests. We do a feature called Stranger Rings and the first one we had was Ellie Goulding. I thought it was Rita Ora and Tom’s going ‘you must be Anne Marie’ so that might have offended her slightly!

T - We also thought Mark Ronson was Calvin Harris and he was like, ‘you so wanted it to be him didn’t you?!

Breakfast Radio is an exciting place to be at the moment, right?

T - Oh yeah there have been lots of changes at Radio 1, Virgin but we don’t pay attention to it. All I can do is make the best radio show that I can. We make the show we want to make rather than trying to emulate what anyone else is doing. We focus on what we deliver at KISS and we make radio we can be proud of and as long as we can stand by it, that’s what matters.

D - Yeah we do guarantee the music and the guests, and we infiltrate so much of ourselves into the show. I think our listeners know what they’re going to get and it works.

You’re supporting the Where’s Your Head at Campaign which is so relevant right now isn’t it?

T - It really is, we want to open the conversation about mental health and we want to change the conversation as well. and make it for a whole new generation.

D - We are very open and honest ourselves on the show, we always talk about how we are feeling and we always keep it real. It’s about breaking down the stigma and talking about it.

T - For our parents generation illness was all physical and now we live in a world where people understand that’s not the case.

D - We have that young audience who are so engaged with mental health issues.

How can listeners support it?

T - We want them to have the conversation, to be open and talk about these things. We are already making massive moves with this generation. We had a huge petition delivered to parliament about recognising mental health in the work place, and it’ about the power of that conversation and what it can do.

OK speaking of positive vibes, KISS have loads of Ibiza stuff going on at the moment are you going to get out there?

D - Yeah man I’m off there this week! I’ve never been before have you been? What’s your advice?

Our advice is do everything you possibly can and don’t worry about sleep until you get home!

T - It’ll be like the BRITs afterparty all over again, shall we talk about that?

D- NO!

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Visit to find out how they can get involved in the campaign to ensure mental and physical health is given equal treatment and get support on mental health issues.