Interview: Marc Warren on hit Netflix series, SAFE

Widowed surgeon Tom has struggled to raise his two daughters alone following his wife's death a year ago. Things seem to be on the right track for the family, who live in a gated community, because they have close friends nearby and Tom is in the early stages of a new relationship. But the situation takes a turn for the worse when Jenny, Tom's oldest daughter, goes missing along with her boyfriend. Tom enlists girlfriend Sophie, a police detective, to help locate the teens, but her new partner is working her own agenda. As the investigation intensifies, Tom unearths dark secrets about the people closest to him in his affluent neighborhood. 

That's the plot for new Netflix drama SAFE, from Harlan Coben.  Our man Sam Darlastan caught up with Marc Warren to find out more...

Our own version of Sam & Marc

Our own version of Sam & Marc


Harlan Coben has an incredible track record with his books.  What was it like to bring his work to life on screen?

He’s a best selling author you know. I actually met with him when discussing my character and he told me to reference a character from another story. This one, SAFE, is so full of twists and turns, so anyone who’s familiar with Harlan’s work will see it. Anyone who loves his work will absolutely love this.


Likewise RED Production Company have an incredible history of delivering big drama.  What did you learn from working with them?

Well I’ve been lucky enough to work with red before - I did a thing called ‘Worried About The Boy’, which is about Boy George. It was so great. They are phenomenal. I was so pleased to be working with them again on this. It’s a funny coincidence actually; I was on the train from Manchester to London, and I’d been sent the scripts for this, I’d been told it was a Danny Brocklehurst drama, and a story Harlan Coben. I was on the phone talking about it, and I lost signal, and I had to send an email, then suddenly this guy comes up to me and asked to talk… I said “one minute I’ve just got to send this email” - I hit send, and then he said “I’m Danny Brocklehurst”… So crazy, I’d just sent an email about that guy! That’s a good enough sign for me to do SAFE.


It's great to see the series is 8 episodes long, does that mean it's a slow burn?

Just from going through the scripts, I can tell you it’s definitely not a slow burner, it’s actually a very fast burner… It’s always going in different directions! There’s plenty to keep you hooked. 

Safe is available on Netflix, now. 

Safe is available on Netflix, now. 


The cast is brilliant, what was the experience like on and off set?

I actually tend to keep myself to myself to be honest. I saw Michael a couple times I have a great relationship with him and Amanda (who plays…) Is a very good fried of mine I’ve known her for plenty of years. I really enjoyed working on it. I really love working with Michael, we just developed a very good camaraderie which is great for the show. When an acting job is going well, you know it is, because you’re laughing. There was a lot of laughter making this…


What can you tell us about your character?

He’s hard to figure out. Tom and Pete were army buddies back in the day. They’ve got history together, but the journey is about Pete helping Tom to find his daughter…He’s a reliable friend, but he might not be (laughs) I can’t give away any spoilers!


Without giving too much away, what sets Safe apart from other gritty dramas which are currently on tv?

Harlan’s storytelling. His skill-set is brilliant, so many red herrings, and twists and turns involved, he is a master at what he does. You’ve got incredible talent on this, like Michael, Amanda and Audrey. You throw all them ingredients together and you make something beautiful.


What excites you about starring in a drama made for Netflix?

Netflix is the platform of the moment, they’re making incredible drama, people want to watch great telly, and they’re making great telly. When you’re on set it doesn’t make any difference to me, whether you’re doing Netflix, TV or a film, you just always gotta do your best and hope it works.



Words: Sam Darlaston for Celebritain

SAFE is available on Netflix, now.