Interview: Mark Wright on itv's Soccer Aid 2019.

Soccer Aid for Unicef is kicking off live this Sunday 16th June from 6:30pm exclusively on ITV and STV. Returning to London for the first time in over a decade, the star-studded event will take place at Chelsea FC’s Stamford Bridge Stadium and features a host of stars from the world of entertainment and football.

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Mark Wright will be playing for England…

What were your favourite games to play as a child?

Anything to do with football. So if I was in the swimming pool with my friends it would be heading the ball to each other, if I was in a park it would be a five-a-side game with jumpers, or it was a more serious game for my team that I played for. It was always football related.

What has been your favourite moment in Soccer Aid for Unicef so far?

My favourite moment for Soccer Aid for Unicef [it’s still not old], I still YouTube it every day is when I scored an absolute screamer. No one ever hears the end of it, I tell everyone every day. When I was working in America, the first thing they said to me “what do you do?” and I get the goal up on YouTube. That’s all they need to see. So the goal that I scored at Old Trafford was my favourite moment .

What do you think makes Soccer Aid for Unicef so special?

Soccer Aid for Unicef honestly is such a special thing. Let’s just start with the fact that Soccer Aid has earned over £30 million for Unicef so far - that’s obviously so important and it’s amazing. But it feels like, when Soccer Aid for Unicef comes around, everyone’s just together. And when you see the VTs of the celebrities taking part, and going out to these countries and making sure we’re doing everything we can to raise the money and everyone’s sticking together - it feels like one big family. From the thousands that are in the stadium to the millions watching on TV, to the millions around the world – it just feel like everybody’s together, in this game. Everybody’s taking it seriously, and they’ve got what team they want to win and the players are taking it seriously, but then also in the back of their minds, knowing that what we’re doing is just so special beyond the match - it never gets old, and it never will.

What are you most looking forward to for Soccer Aid for Unicef this year?

I’m most looking forward to meeting up with the boys again. Just like when you’re a kid – all my friends are from playing football and playing out in the street, all my best friends now are from that. I’ve made new friends because of Soccer Aid for Unicef – all the people that now I text every day, go out for drinks with, meet up for dinner, is because of Soccer Aid for Unicef. So it proves that whether you’re a kid or an adult, when you’re playing, you’re creating new memories, gaining new friends and that’s what I look forward to the most, just meeting up with my friends again. And the new people that are joining this year – I know they’re going to become my friends because playing really brings people together.

Soccer Aid for Unicef takes place on Sunday 16th June at London’s Stamford Bridge Stadium, and broadcast exclusively live on ITV and STV from 6:30pm