Interview: Paddy McGuinness and Keith Lemon on The Keith and Paddy Picture Show

Series 2 of The Keith and Paddy Picture Show makes its eagerly awaited return to ITV as Keith Lemon and Paddy McGuinness recreate another batch of their favourite films with the help of an all-star cast.

Following last year’s hugely successful first series, this new six part series will feature Keith and Paddy’s hilarious take on the classic movies Grease, Top Gun, Jurassic Park, Pretty Woman and Terminator 2. Gremlins will follow as a Christmas 2018 Special.

This series has got it all: giant dinosaurs, fighter jets, iconic song-anddance numbers, outrageous stunts, and extremely intimate love scenes. I mean what could possibly go wrong?

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How did you find the reaction to the first series?

K: It’s the best thing that I have ever done.

P: It was amazing. The whole run did really well and got great feedback so we were delighted. When ITV said they wanted us to do another one, we were chuffed because we feel like we know what we’re doing with it now. What do you enjoy about working with each other?

P: Well, I certainly don’t think of it as work.

K: No, you think of it as the holiday of two puddings!

P: Yeah, I do. I had two puddings every day and two breakfasts! It is nice in that respect. I do love it, the caterers aren’t so keen on me, but they deal with it!

K: I like it because I get to mess around with a very good friend. It’s exciting because this is an idea we had eight years ago and now we’re here doing it. It’s exactly how I hoped it would be. How did you decide the films you did this time around?

P: ITV kind of just left us to it, it’s been really good.

K: Last year they played the real Jaws after our episode and it worked really well, almost like it was a Jaws themed night.


Was it easier to get the actors and celebrities on board for this series now they know what to expect?

P: Everyone in this series is really great. Philip Glenister is in Pretty Woman, he is so good. Everyone totally got into the roles they were playing. It’s easier after seeing the first series, as they know what the show is and what we’re about.

K: It’s brilliant when we get such great actors in, they act for real and we mess about.

P: They anchor the scenes and we just mess about!


Is there anyone you wanted to get but didn’t quite make it?

K: The reaction I got from being at award do’s and showbiz parties is that everyone was really complimentary about the show and wanted to be in it, but ultimately, it always comes down to their schedules.

P: Ed Sheeran was lined up to be in this series, but his tour in Australia got pulled forward a week so it didn’t work out. We’d already filmed some stuff relating to Ed in other episodes so we had to re-jig a few bits.

K: It’s such a shame because he’s a great sport. We were going to get him in just to sing. So he thought he was going to come in and be in Grease but when he got here we were going to be like, ‘Have you brought your guitar with you because the lads in the crew want a bit of a sing song!’


How did filming go for the second series?

P: It was brilliant – except for the weather! ‘The Beast from the East’ caused us big problems. We were doing the balcony scene in Pretty Woman and half way through it started snowing! We’re supposed to be in the middle of summer! And we did the volleyball scene from Top Gun on the beach, everyone’s topless, covered in olive oil and it was minus three. It was freezing!

K: When you watch it on telly you’ll think, ‘what’s wrong with them’? It might look nice because the sun was out but it was so cold.

P: We had to stick tissue up our noses because they were running so much because of the cold. We really suffered!

K: If you had a moment by yourself when you’re not talking, that’s when you’d feel the cold. So we were talking rubbish constantly to keep warm. We ended up having to do these mad dance routines just to keep ourselves from freezing!

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It sounds like it wasn’t all fun and games then?

K: Oh no, it’s the best job in the world because we really feel like we’re making Top Gun or Jurassic Park. I’d love to do this series twice a year.

P: But it would be nice to be able to do one in the summer!

K: Yeah, summer would be nice…on location!


So Paddy, you’re Goose and Keith’s Maverick in Top Gun, did you argue over who got which role?

K: Yeah we did! It’s physicality which decided it in the end.

P: Originally, it was always on paper that I was Maverick. Then we discussed it and realised because of our sizes we needed to swap round. It was the best decision we made because when you see him as Tom Cruise, it’s hilarious! I was like, ‘Wow!’ It’s brilliant.

K: I didn’t know what to do as Tom Cruise so I focused on Tom rather than Maverick. Also Jerry Maguire comes in now and again!

The volleyball scene in Top Gun is a little homoerotic, what’s your version like?

K: In our Top Gun it’s very homoerotic! It’s a thread running all the way through and by the end we all do come rather close, don’t we?

P: Yes! K: There’s tongues…Marc Warren who plays Iceman likes to use tongues!

P: That was a sight to behold! It really is one of the funniest episodes we’ve ever done because of the jokes and also the people we had in it, like Marc, Keith Allen, Sarah Parish and Paul Chuckle…

K: I was just excited to be acting and getting paid for it, so I was like, ‘If you want to use tongues then I’m not bothered!’.


Do you think you might be back for a third series?

P:. We did really well with the first series, so hopefully we can do the same with this and then who knows from there? We’ve got enough films for another six series!


Catch The Keith and Paddy Picture Show this Saturday at 9.25pm on itv