Interview: Plebs star Jon Pointing on his one man show, Act: Natural

Plebs star Jon Pointing has been touring the UK with his one man show, Act: Natural, winning critical acclaim.

We had a quick chat with him ahead of tonight’s show in Liverpool…


Congratulations on a great series of Plebs, what was it like to film?

It was great, a lot of fun.  We filmed in Bulgaria and it as actually quite hard work but we had the weekends off to unwind and we all hang out and got on, I enjoyed it.  It’s not taxing work but it’s enjoyable.


You were new to the show after 3 seasons, were you pleased with the fans reaction to you?

I was pleased yeah.  Going into it I knew the situation but there was no real feeling of being the new guy.  I totally get it from the fan perspective, if it’s your favourite show and you care about it then you’re not always going to like change, but I think most people just went with it.  We did keep discussing whether we need to reference it more than we did, but I think it was fine you know?


I think people need to get a life if they’re going to get  that upset! Is there going to be more?

I hope so. I don’t know yet to be honest.  I know there’s talk about selling the idea to America.

act natural 2.jpg

So you’ve been doing you one man show which has won excellent reviews and it’s in Liverpool tonight, right? (Friday 22 June, 2018).

It is yeah, I wanted to do a character in the comic tradition of characters we’ve seen before, kind of damaged characters, everyone from Hancock to David Brent.  They all want to be accepted but they’re kind of on the edge of that and they have real floors.  They act out their suffering if you like and there’s a lack of awareness.  The comedy comes from that blind spot in their personality.  I made this as a show for Edinburgh and I wanted to take that out of Edinburgh to different audiences. I wanted to make a show where it makes sense that the audience is there, so they’re not just watching something going on.     I didn’t want to just do a silly spoof, but I do want people to squirm.


People do have this perception of actors, would you say it’s quite accurate?

I have certainly met people like this yes, but it’s not necessarily actors.   You see people like this in teaching and other professions. I think in acting it’s just highlighted, but this character could just as easily be your boss or any person in a position of being in charge as well.


It’s a real achievement to have a one man show out there like this, how did you achieve it?

I think it’s because it came out of the machine that is the Edinburgh festival. You know we tried and tested it there, I did some ground work there in a double act with my brother in law.  You test material in all kinds of slots and venues and if you do a show and it’s good and then you get another slot then you know you’re on to something and I’ve just taken it from there.  Word of mouth really helped it take off.

Could this character work on TV?

Yes I hope so, the plan is to write a new show for sure.  It’s not easy to do because it takes time and there are other projects coming up and it takes a lot of time to get something like that right, very different making something work for tv.


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