Interview: Rickie and Melvin discuss taking part in Ninja Warrior UK

Hit TV series Ninja Warrior UK will be returning to ITV for its fifth series in 2019 and this year viewers will see a competitor reach the mighty Mount Mirdoriyama as they attempt to be crowned the UK’s first Ninja Warrior.

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Hosted by Ben Shephard, Rochelle Humes and Chris Kamara, the ultimate test of strength, speed and courage is back as another group of Ninja Heroes attempt to complete TV’s toughest obstacle.

The eight-part series will be packed with exhilarating challenges, mind-blowing excitement and rip-roaring action, as an array of both new competitors, and returning heroes attempt to complete three gruelling and thoroughly entertaining stages. 

It kicks off with a celebrity special and Radio 1’s Rickie & Melvin tell us what we can expect…

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Why did you decide to take on the challenge? Are you fans of the show?

R: As a massive fan of Ninja Warrior, I've sat on my sofa so many times wishing I could have a go at the course. It was such a fun experience.

M: I have always been a fan of the show and I like to keep fit so thought it would be fun to take part to see how far I could get.

How did you find the Ninja Warrior obstacle course?

R: The Ninja Warrior course is much more difficult than it looks. I loved every minute of it though.

M: he course is actually terrifying! In real life it’s much bigger than it seems on TV and parts of the course seem impossible!

Did you do any training in the run up to your appearance?

R: I go to the gym a couple of times a week but didn't do any specific training for the Ninja Warrior course. I just focused on strength conditioning which didn't help!

M: I did a lot of gym weight training and cardio in the lead up to the show

Did any of the other contestants give you any advice backstage?

R: Some contestants had been on the show before and tried to explain how to tackle the course but ultimately, whatever they said couldn't and didn't save me from my epic fail.

M: Yes I bumped into Jacob Peregrine-Wheller who is a former Ninja Warrior finalist and Parkour coach and he tried to give me lots of advice but I was so nervous it went in one ear and out the other!

Would you like to have another go at the course?

R: I would 100% love another crack at the course. I'd actually love to come back every series if they'd have me, it was that much fun!

M: I would love to have another go it was so much fun!

Catch Ninja Warrior UK Saturdays on itv. Rickie & Melvin can be heard on Radio 1 Monday - Thursdays from 9pm.