Interview: Rob Beckett and Geri Horner on BBC One's All Together Now

Hosted by comedian Rob Beckett, All Together Now is the brand new competition with a twist.

A range of talented singers will take to the stage to perform in front of The 100 - a unique panel of music experts and performers from all over the UK. If any of The 100 like what they hear, they can stand up, join in and sing along. The greater the number that join in, the higher the act’s score. At the end of the series, one act will walk away with a £50,000 cash prize. So, who can get The 100 on their feet and singing along?

Heading up The 100 is pop icon Geri Horner. As a member of the Spice Girls, the best-selling girl group of all time, Geri knows exactly what it takes to get a crowd joining in and singing along. The 100 are all passionate about music and performance, with big voices and even bigger opinions. Geri will be joining them to offer her expert advice as a performer and provide support and encouragement to the contestants.

A six-part series for Saturday nights on BBC One, All Together Now is for anyone who believes their voice and performance could make them win big. From soloists to groups, amateurs to professionals, they’re all united by a love of singing. Each week, a whole array of talent will perform, but only two acts can go through to the Grand Final and the chance to win the amazing cash prize.

Rob Beckett and Geri Horner tell us more...

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Rob Beckett - Host

Tell us about All Together Now...

All Together Now is a new singing show with a twist, there are 100 judges. The aim of the game for the acts is to get as many of The 100 to stand up and join in. There are five heats, leading to the Grand Final when the final ten acts will compete for the £50,000 prize.

Tell us about The 100...

Geri is the captain of The 100 and leads from the front. She offers advice and, as one part of the world’s biggest pop group and a solo artist, she’s seen and done it all, so is well-qualified.

The rest of The 100 are a group of people with different musical backgrounds and experiences. To get them all up on their feet at once takes a seriously talented performer.

As host what is your role?

My role is to reveal the score to the contestants and chat with The 100. As a stand-up, going out on your own, people judging me, is what I do for a living. I know how awful that is, that’s why this show is so special. I know nothing about singing but that’s fine because that’s the job of The 100! I’m here just to have fun.

What is the best thing about the show?

It is fun, loads of people singing just makes you feel happy. What’s great about this show is that when you hear a song you love, you want to sing along but on this show you have The 100 joining in as well.

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Geri Horner - Head of The 100

Tell us about All Together Now...

All Together Now is a singing show about uniting people – it’s about a moment when somebody comes onto that stage and sings in front of The 100. If we connect to that person, we stand up and join in. On the one hand, you can say that it’s the easiest thing in the world: pick a good song and give a good performance. But actually everyone in The 100 have their own checklist so it’s finding that one thing that will appeal to all of us. I think this show is defined by somebody connecting with The 100 and, if they do that, then they get to win £50,000 - that is the success.

Why did you decide to join the show?

I felt compelled to be part of the show. I was at the Last Night of the Proms and I was singing with everyone and thought who knew this would feel so good. This country needs this show more than ever - with a bit of music we can all come together. I think music crosses boundaries, no matter where you are from, young, old, it just brings people together. It is the most amazing feeling when people join in, you feel like one heartbeat. And I just love singing with other people.

What is your role?

My role as Head of The 100 is really unifying everybody. This whole experience has reminded me of being on tour with The Spice Girls, being part of something, giving someone an opportunity. It’s not forever but it’s this moment to bring some lightness or joy. What’s not to love?

What advice would you give to contestants?

There are a few tricks to impress The 100. Pick a great song we all recognise, but also bring a connection, a feeling or something where we can’t help but get on our feet.

To stand in front of The 100 and get instant feedback, there is no hiding if someone doesn’t like it. It takes a lot of courage. It would be an absolute triumph if someone can get all 100 up. I’m not saying it’s easy and I’m not sure I’d want to do it!