Interview: Sherrie Hewson on the return of itv's Benidorm

Hit itv comedy Benidorm returns for its 10th series tonight.

We were lucky enough to have a chat with the wonderful Sherrie Hewson this afternoon, and this what she had to say...

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Benidorm is 10! How have the birthday celebrations been!? 


Yeah! It's been amazing because we are all so dedicated and so passionate about it. I've only been in it 7 years but it just means the world to us it really does. Anyone who comes into the show like Nigel Havers, people like that, always say "please write me in for the whole series" because it really is the most wonderful job to be in, we never want to stop doing it, we want to do it every year. Tonight, I have to say, hand on heart, this is one of the funniest episodes i've ever seen of Benidorm.

The new series kicks off with your wedding, how was that to film? 

Yes it does, and it was all filmed on what they call Peacock Island, and what we didn't know is that it was breeding time for the birds; the peacocks and seagulls, so when we all came on as a crew, they just bombarded us! They kept trying to attack us and then they just pooed all over us! 

They obviously didn't want us there because they've got babies you see. We were just covered, in it, our hands, feet, and hair. The main problem is the seagulls as they nest there, that was the one week of the year that they're all there. But we still had the best time ever, it was hilarious. The wonderful Tony Hadley was there that week, and he's desperate to come back and be in it again, he loved it. 

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You've done some brilliant TV shows including Corrie. What are your thoughts on all these stories about the show bring too dark these days!? 


To be absolutely truthful I haven't seen it since this 'Phelan' has been in it.

But rumour has it he's about to leave! Les Dennis who is a dear friend of mine, has told me that Phelan killed his character (Michael Rodwell) in the show! Now, you can't kill Les Dennis and get away with it! Les Dennis is a national treasure. I know Phelan is rumoured to be leaving, a lot of people have been killed by this man. You know what, the Street evolves all the time, it evolves constantly. Sometimes it's dark for a year, and then it'll change back to comedy, so hopefully the next producer will choose comedy and they'll bring me back! That will be the answer to it all! (laughs)

Back to Benidorm, 10 is a nice round number and there's no show this year due to the live tour. Has it come to a natural end? Or will there be more? 

The live tour starts in August and goes on until May next year! If we are going to do another series, it'll be done in May June and July next year. If I'm honest I think 15 (series) is a nice round number. Look at Midsomer Murders, they're on 19! Nothing is too long if it still works, and people still watch! I want to do it until I die. (laughs)

The live show sounds like a lot of fun what's it going to be like? 


Well we don't know we haven't actually seen the script yet! What we do know is that it's 6 of us from the main cast, and there'll be a week in every city across the UK and Ireland. A lot of it has sold out already! It's very popular, I'm sure there'll be karaoke and the audience will be joining in, I'm sure they'll love it! It's quite a long tour for a tour, we will all be together, and we are like a family! I'd love it if there was a tour bus, that would be brilliant! I think I'm going to suggest that! 

David O'Reilly told us to ask you about 43. What does that mean? 

Right, so, my mother always used to go to Spain, and there's this orange based liquor and it's called 43! When i first went to Benidorm, I was out with Jake Benuso, and more of the Benidorm cast. We'd been out all night! We were in a bar, and I was telling this Spanish waiter that he had to bring us some 45! - The waiter must've thought "oh here we go another drunk British tourist!" He said "there's no such drink as 45" and I was telling him "There is! There Definitely is!" You've got to find this drink! It got rowdier and rowdier! He eventually came out with this bottle and he went... "I think you mean 43"! So now, everyone who's in the Benidorm show has to drink 43 because it is THE drink! They even make 43 snowcones on set! Everybody thought i was mad, and now everyone's addicted to it! 

Benidorm, tonight, 9pm, itv.

Words: Sam Darlaston for Celebritain.