Interview: Joe Hendry on itv's WOS Wrestling

WOS Wrestling makes its triumphant return to ITV this month. The high-octane series promises an hour’s worth of heart-pumping action on Saturday evenings.

WOS Wrestling will be jam-packed with the UK’s top names in the sport – including Grado, Viper, Rampage and Will Ospreay - competing in a fun-filled evening of family sports entertainment.

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Recorded in front of a lively studio audience fans will get to see some of the finest pro wrestlers compete in various, intense bouts including those for the WOS Male Championship title, WOS Women's Championship title and Tag Team Champions Title. 

Rachel Stringer will bring viewers backstage interviews with the wrestling stars between matches. Commentating on the highly anticipated battles will be stand-out stars of the wrestling world Stu Bennett, Alex Shane and SoCal Val.

Wrestler Joe Hendry tells us more...

Few people have such an innate understanding of wrestling as Joe Hendry. ‘The Prestigious One’ is truly dedicated to his craft - even representing Scotland in wrestling in the 2018 Commonwealth Games! But Joe not only likes to win in the ring, he likes to have fun doing it! He’s gained a reputation for his fun, outlandish musical entrances so the WOS Wrestling audience are in for a treat.

What made you want to sign up to ITV’s WOS Wrestling?

ITV and WOS has a rich history with British Wrestling, so when the opportunity became available to me, I jumped at the chance to be involved. The quality of the British Wrestling scene is now at a world-class level. It's a huge honour to be a part of WOS, which is no doubt going to capture the imaginations of a new generation of wrestling fans, and delight fans from previous generations who are going to see British wrestling back on the telly. WOS is all about showcasing the very best in British wrestling and we're ready to show the world why WOS is absolutely unmissable.

Did you watch wrestling when growing up?

I became hooked on wrestling a little later than most, because as a young child I was only able to see it on cable or satellite TV at my cousin’s house. Now with WOS bringing wrestling back to terrestrial TV, it will make the magic of professional wrestling accessible to everyone. Personally I was about 14 when I became obsessed. I remember being in school and it became impossible to concentrate on what the teachers were saying as I thought about different combinations of moves and various other ideas. Not much has changed with regards to that, except now it's my job and I'm living my dream!

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Who is the best wrestler this year and why?

The best wrestler this year is undoubtedly The Prestigious One Joe Hendry! I mean how could it be anyone else? Not only will you be amazed by my technical wrestling skills, which I sharpened whilst competing at the Commonwealth Games, but I also wrote and performed my own entrance music.

Describe your wrestling style in one sentence?

Classic hold for hold British wrestling with a modern twist. How much do you train/ have to monitor your diet to prepare for a show of this scale? Luckily, almost as soon as I got back from the Commonwealth Games, I received the call to come and compete for WOS. As a result I was fresh from an intense training camp, training three times a day, which made sure I was in tip top condition for WOS. Unfortunately for The Prestigious One, there won’t be any Prestigious Pizza until it's done, but it's all worth the sacrifice for the chance to compete for the WOS Championship.

What’s your favourite piece of wrestling attire and why?

My favourite piece of wrestling attire is undoubtedly my trunks. As well as displaying my 2018 Team Scotland status with the Scottish flag, I've also displayed the other championships I've won with the flags down my side, including being the 2017 British Championship of Freestyle Amateur Wrestling at 97kg.

Why should people watch/ what can they expect?

People should watch because WOS is professional wrestling entertainment at it's very best. You'll see an amazing mix of high flying manoeuvres, hard-hitting action, a whole host of amazing characters and stories that everyone can relate to. From kids to grandparents alike, WOS has something for everyone.

WOS Wrestling starts Saturday 28 July at 5pm on ITV.