Radio 1's Greg James, Katherine Ryan and more confirmed for Joe Lycett's Obsessions

Joe Lycett explores the nation’s weird and wonderful obsessions by getting to know a selection of famous and not so famous guests in his brand new series for BBC Radio 4, Joe Lycett's Obsessions.

joe lycett's obsessions.jpg

Joining Joe on the sofa in episode 1 are comedian Katherine Ryan who shares her love of the Kardashians and Radio 1 DJ Greg James introduces Joe to the world of cricket. Joe also welcomes members of the public to share their secret passions, as well as this week’s VOP (Very Obsessed Person) - Mattie Faint, curator of the Clowns' Gallery And Museum in Dalston. 

Joe Lycett's Obsessions starts Thursday 19 July, 6.30pm on BBC Radio 4.