TV: Watch a preview of Lindsay Lohan in series 2 of Sky One's Sick Note.

Sky One’s comedy about a lie that spirals out of control returns The lies keep coming as Daniel (Rupert Grint) and Dr Glennis (Nick Frost) return for a second dose of the brilliantly dark Sky original production.

sick note series 2.jpg

And, this time, Lindsay Lohan joins the cast. Things are looking pretty messy. Daniel is still
pretending to be ill and he and Dr Glennis are struggling to keep track of all their lies. But it’s about to get a whole lot worse for this deceitful duo. Daniel’s online gaming buddy, Will_5000, rocks up threatening to spill all their secrets and a spot of blackmail throws them in with a rather psychopathic drug dealer.

A tragedy at We Cover means Katerina West (Lohan), the no-holds-barred daughter of Kenny, flies in to save the company, and she’s got a seriously awkward job for Daniel. Oh, and with the police still sniffing around, they aren’t out of the woods when it comes to Ash’s death either.

Thursday 26 July 22.00 and 22.30 Sky One & NOW TV