Exclusive Interview: Michael Jackson's nephew Taj Jackson speaks out (Part 2).

Recently we had an exclusive interview with Michael Jackson’s oldest nephew, Taj Jackson. Click here for part one, read part two below;

7. I know you’ve already spoken a lot about Wade Robson and James Safechuck lying about being sexually abused by Michael, but many believe them.  What is it going to take to prove Michael’s innocence? 

Time….The truth is slowly getting revealed and their lies are one by one being exposed. It will take the media to stop looking the other way and report on the facts and their lies.

8. You’re crowdfunding to make a documentary series which will allow other people, including members of the Jackson family to have a voice in this. Can you tell us how people can donate and can you tell us your plans, such as where the documentary will air?

My documentary right now is at https://www.gofundme.com/untitled-michael-jackson-documentary-series 

I really haven’t promoted my crowdfunding as much as I should because I have been so busy doing interviews and happily fighting for the truth. I do need help spreading the word about my documentary though. 

I am making this documentary to expose all the lies about my uncle and set the record straight once and for all. The lies have lasted way too long and the truth is his vindication.

Besides helping out with the crowdfunding (if you can), I think the best way to help me and my family is to keep spreading the truth about Michael Jackson and his legacy to as many people who will listen. Social media and youtube have been very effective in that way for us. There are a countless number of videos up on Youtube right now about my uncle's innocence. The mainstream media is trying to rewrite the history and legacy of my uncle, but as long as we fight for and continue to share the truth, they will not succeed.

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9. Biopic movies such as Bohemian Rhapsody and Rocket Man are huge right now, have you given consideration to funding a similar movie about Michael? Can you describe what you'd hope a Michael Jackson movie in this vein would be like?

I have.. I would love to be involved in one after my documentary. I think finding the main actor to play Michael Jackson would be the hardest thing. It has to be the perfect casting. To capture his magic, his heart, and also his innocence.  I know my uncle wanted a black man to play him so I would do a worldwide casting search to find who could pull it all off. No one in  Hollywood comes to mind right now, so I would probably look elsewhere. If I couldn't find the right match, I would definitely not do the biopic. Sometimes magic can't be duplicated.

10 We’ve all heard about him loving children and wanting to recapture his childhood, but why do you think nobody stopped him doing things that would obviously leave him open to wild claims that could ruin him?

I think you had to know him and be there during that time period. His heart was so pure and we knew that he would NEVER do the things that they were trying to say he did..

It is interesting that the people who knew my uncle best or spent the most time with him really understand this, but strangers and some of the public won’t even try.

As someone who lived this life, it was not strange to me at all. My uncle’s only fault was being naive to outside perception.

11. I just watched back his London This Is It press conference, where he looked so happy.  In it, he said it would his final tour.  How much do you know about Michael’s ambitions for his later life?  He would be 61 now, what do you think he’d be doing if he were still with us?

I know a lot about my uncle’s future ambitions because we always discussed it. He wanted to be a movie director and we were going to direct movies together as a team . He had studied filmmaking for decades and knew everything about the craft.

His last words he said to me were about film. I told him I was proud of him and that I would see him in London for The This is It shows. He simply replied, "After this, we're doing film"

This documentary that I am doing in some way fulfills that filmmaking dream I had with him.