Music Interview: Taj Jackson responds to Michael Jackson doc in our World Exclusive interview.

Since HBO and Channel 4 broadcast controversial Michael Jackson documentary, Leaving Neverland, Michael’s oldest nephew Taj Jackson has become the official voice piece of the family, strenuously denying the allegations made in the programmes and campaigning for Michael’s name to be cleared.

Taj Jackson

Taj Jackson

In a world exclusive interview, Nothing But Music caught up with Taj to get more his side of the story and to learn more of his plans to create his own documentary about his late Uncle.


Part One

1. Since Leaving Neverland aired, can you describe the kind of conversations the Jackson family have had since? And how do you guys communicate; do you get together, do you chat on the phone, do you have a whatsapp group?  Please paint that picture for us?  Is this all you're talking about or is life going on as normal?.


We are all very aware of what's going on, however we all have different ways of coping and dealing with it.

I talked to a lot of family members over the phone and in person, and there’s a certain frustration because the media is not reporting the truth.

When my family is all together we try and enjoy each other and not try and bring up all this craziness. It can consume you. 


2 How close to you are Michael’s children?  What words of advice are you or would you give them right now? 

I am very close to my uncle Michaels’s kids. Beside my Grandma, we were one of the very first people that saw Prince and Paris after they were born, straight from the hospital.

I will always have a special connection with all of them. Bigi and I love talking about film and movies. I play video games with Prince nearly every day :-)

My word of advice to them has always been….. To remind them how amazing their father truly was and how much he cared about people and this world. He was too pure for this dark world, and people took advantage of that. Also I constantly  remind them how important they were to my uncle Michael.. He wanted nothing more than to be a father. It was his most cherished role.  And he was an incredible at  it .  

Prince, Paris, and Bigi need to continue to carry on Michael Jackson's legacy of giving and charity, which they proudly are.

Taj Jackson in 3T

Taj Jackson in 3T

3. You have perhaps been the most vocal member of the Jackson family, defending Michael. Janet recorded and performed with Michael and is in her own right, a major global star.  Why isn’t she speaking out? 

I can’t speak for my Aunt Janet, but I think if I were in her shoes, I would be worried that I might bring even more attention to Leaving Neverland if I spoke out too early . As it is, the ratings worldwide were not good at all. It is the media that has tried to make it more, but the public are seeing through the lies finally.

I do think my Aunt Janet will speak out once she thinks it’s the right time.


Do you think Janet wlll /should honour Michael at Glastonbury? 

My Aunt has always honored her brother in the past and has always believed in his innocence. Not sure if she will do at Glastonbury, but she will definitely honor him again in the near future.


4. We all know Neverland was something of a theme park and we’ve all heard about the number of bedrooms and corridors etc. How would you describe your time spent there?  Can you think of anything the public aren’t told about Neverland that would be useful for them to know?

 I used to live there… Neverland was truly amazing and had a magical feel to it. Neverland was built to help the sick and needy. Inner City kids, kids with terminal illness…hundreds and hundreds of kids would come to Neverland yearly, by the bus load.  I would even have my birthday parties at Neverland. 

The media is really trying to portray it in a negative light, but Neverland was absolute paradise.


5. Radio stations are starting to pull Michael’s’ music. Do you think that can be turned around? Do you ever for see a Michael Jackson tour (using for example, holographic technology) taking place? 

Yes it can be turned around and I think this is just a knee jerk reaction. Now that the facts are coming out I think a lot of these same stations will look silly afterwards. Especially since my uncle has never actually been convicted of anything and there are no facts. 

I also wonder why they haven’t banned other artists or rock stars that have actually been convicted of a crime. Seems hypocritical.

I don’t see a holographic tour in the future though. I could be wrong.

 6. XSCAPE was the last body of Michael’s work released. Is there more we haven’t heard? If so, how much and what could happen with it? 

There is more music but they are in demo stage or very ruff, So I’m not sure they will ever see the light of day. They would need a lot of production and a lot of work and because my uncle is not here to oversee it, it won’t have the same impact and genius.


In part 2 of the interview, Taj tells us about his plans to make a documentary using crowdfunding.  You can find out more about this campaign now, by visiting this website: Taj also reveals what Michael’s ambitions for the future were.


Read part 2 this Monday, at Nothing But Music.

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