Nothing But Music Interview: Will Manning on the Official Big Top 40 show.

Britain’s biggest chart show -the Official Big Top 40 - has a brand new host for 2018 - Capital FM presenter Will Manning. We caught up with Will to find out more about his plan’s for the show and more…

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  • Will, congratulations on the Big Top 40 job, which we know has been a dream for you. Why is this job in particular so dear to your heart?


Thanks very much! This show is so special to me as it’s one I’ve wanted to do since FOREVER, literally since I was 8, I was listening to the chart on Capital and it’s what made me fall in love with radio. There’s something very special about playing the 40 biggest songs that the UK have been listening to that week and having that legendary moment, that can’t ever get boring.


  • There are obviously limitations with presentation on a chart show - how are you making it your own?


I really want to make it exciting, you sometimes hear people say “does anyone care about who’s number 1?” Yeah, I think they do and the artists definitely do, plus we all clearly love the song enough to make it number 1. I want people to enjoy tuning in to a show which features the world’s biggest stars and also some listener voices too!  


  • We can think of at least 3 other British chart shows now, what is it that makes the Big Top 40 officially No.1?


 We’re the biggest and most-listened to chart show in the UK. The Official Big Top 40 also reflects UK consumption in real time so play the new songs first.  


  • The Big Top 40 has some incredible guests on, who do you most hope to get on the show and why?


I really want to say I’ve had the One Direction boys on during my time on the show, this needs to happen, it’s what the people want!

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  • There hasn't been a chart show on mainstream tv for years - is there a need for one and if so, how would you feel about hosting it?


A)     Yes, I’d love to host it, call me and B) I think there’s always a place for this. Obviously the way we consume music has totally changed since say Top of The Pops, but there’s a reason why we still see performances on TV – we love music, simple.


  • You're a natural on camera, what would be your dream tv presenting roles and why? Do you have any tv projects lined up?


You flirt. I’d love to host the X Factor one day but at the same time Dermot o’ Leary is a God and I’d hate to not watch him do it. I’ve been writing a lot of TV projects over the last 7 months, people who know what they’re talking about like the ideas too so I’d say watch this space. It’s a very long road to make anything happen in this industry, but I’d love you to see more of me as well as hear me.


  • Your Capital show really stands out as being fresh and feature led - how do you feel about leading what is a bit of an evolution for the station in 2019?


It’s always been SO important to me that my listeners lead the show, it’s theirs – their stories, their life, their opinions, the show would be nothing without them, I’m just the guy that guides you through the music, Cash Call and laughs along with the calls. It’s just about being a real person and chatting about stuff we can all relate to. If you’ve had a bad date let’s hear about it because I promise someone’s had a worse one. You can get chart music anywhere, it’s all about being real and relatable in between it.


  • There are A LOT of greatest showman tracks on the chart, are you alright with hearing them over and over again?


Yes, I am totally alright with that, it’s one of the best films of the last couple of years and the chart is proving that we’re still loving the tunes!


  • Lastly, how excited are you for the Global Awards and can you sneak us in your man bag please?


I’m excited about this year because the first one in 2018 was hilarious. I interviewed Little Mix at the end of the night and let’s just say, they had a good time. I ended up singing Liam Payne’s ‘Strip That Down’ with Jesy Nelson, it’s now an iconic moment that will live on forever. I think all the artists know they’re in safe hands when they come to any Global event too, it’s like a family working here and the artists are a part of it.

Tune in to the Official Big Top 40 with Will Manning every Sunday from 4pm – 7pm on Capital and Heart.