MUSIC: Jonas Blue and Liam Payne film new music video in NYC.

Jonas Blue and Liam Payne Payne have been busy filming a music video for their forthcoming collaboration.

jonas blue and liam payne.jpg

Speaking of the track prior to its recording in March, Jonas Blue said  "Song wise I would do something with real depth and soul... it would be a ballad type of track but on a dance beat if that makes sense".

He added "It would be something that would really have depth and telling a story because he’s got an amazing voice.

"We have a writing dream team that we have which is me RØMANS and Ed Drewett.

Liam Payne's debut EP is out soon.

Liam Payne's debut EP is out soon.

"Ed was one of the main song writers behind One Direction and he’s known Liam for a long time hence why this all happened and I was speaking to Liam and stuff like that.”

American artist Lennon Stella also features on the track, which is set for release next month.